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I have this commands:

> for i from 1 to 10 do x1:=1*i:  g:= x1*exp (T) -1 : T=fsolve( g,T) : y1=3*T end do;               

If i execute if i=1 the first lines will be:

x1 := 1

g := exp(T) - 1                  

T = 0.

y1 = 3 T

Now my questions are two:


how to covert function to expression???

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What are those 'Z' s represent?[File is attached]

hi to find pseudo inverse in the one 'pinv' in matlab.

is there any command to generate identity matrix,zero matrix


How do I define a distribution with an arbitrary mass function so it can be used exactly like those predifined, e.g., Statistics:-Mean(Poisson(lambda), Statistics:-MGF(Poisson(lambda),t), etc? As an example, Rademacher distribution can be used, or its straighforward generalization with probability of +1 being equal to p and that of -1 equal to 1-p=q. Thanks.

Hi there,

I am wondering if it is possible to create custom feedback based on results of tests or exercises?  For example, if a user receives 50-60% I would want them referred to a specifc URL or set of static web pages providing more detailed informtion on the given topic, however, if they receive , say, 61 - 70% they could be referred to yet a different URL, web site, etc. 




hi all...i want to write a procedure just to execute a set of maple commands without any input args e.g do some calc and plot series of graphs..i am facing 2 problems

1.inside procedure all lines are not  displayd only last line of command inside the proc is diplayed after execution choosing a proc to exec a series of commands because i can use the debugger to debug the set of codes else i cannot.

I would like to change the way arrows looking Maple under fieldplot3d. Particularly I would like them to have a rounded head and a simple stick for the base of the arrow. Anyone know how to do this? I have seen it done before, just not sure how to implement the code to do it. Thanks in advance!

I was curious if anyone has every seen an english translation of Jordan's Cours d' Analyse. I've read many author comments praising his work and was interested in trying to find a copy in english. Anyone care to comment?



I'm using maple to optimize a certain problem. I have two matrices, A and B both of size m by n. Now I want to maximize alpha(a scalar) such that Bx>=alpha*Ax for arbitrary x. So I gave maple the following problem: input:=evalm(A&*X): > output:=evalm(B&*X): > for i from 1 to m do > constraint[i]:=output[i]-alpha*input[i]>=0; > od: > Constraints:=seq(constraint[i],i=1..m); > sumconstraint:=add(x[i],i=1..n)>=10; oplos:=NLPSolve(alpha,{Constraints,somconstraint},maximize=true,assume=nonnegative); My problem is that maple sometimes can't come up with an answer and tells me:

Given "(x + y/z)" as input, how do I get the same expression in the form of "(xz+ y)/z". I need to make this conversion, so that I can discard  the denominator and use the numerator "xz +y" as a monomial in Groebner Basis.

I currently run Maple 10. I am a math teacher in a public school. Do you think I will benefit from upgrading to Maple 12? Any cool features?

Does Maplesoft has an online version of Maple's user manuals? I know there are pdf versions. Thanks!

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