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Hi, When I open maple and start a session I load a number of packages. For example: with(...) with(..) Now, when I open a new worksheet/file in the same session, do I have to reload the packages? TIA Larry Ciak
Hi, I need some help on plot and I am still new. Hope someone can take care of my questions, thanks first! I want to plot a figure. And I want to the x-axis label shows \phi_1; and y-axis label shows \Pi. I want to show them with the subscripts "1 and t" And I want to show the figure title as "V_L=20, \gamma=1". Can maple do this? Thanks a lot!
Hi Everyone, I am trying to make a special substitution which neither subs nor algsubs seem to be able to make. I have long polynomials (maybe with 3000 terms), but for the sake of clarity here is an example with a short one: Poly:=a[1]^3+a[1]*a[3]^2+a[2]+a[1]*a[2]; Now I would like to substitute a[1] by a[1]^2, but only in the terms that have a[1] (to the power of one). (It is important that the a[1]^3 in the original Poly is not changed to a[1]^6 ). So after substitution the polynomial should become: Poly:=a[1]^3+a[1]^2*a[3]^2+a[2]+a[1]^2*a[2];
why won't this display my graphs: g:=x->sin(Pi*x/6): h:=x->((7.4*10^22)/(3.84*10^8)^3)/((2*10^30)/(1.5*10^11)^3)*sin(4*Pi*x/(24+5/6)): A:=plot(g(x),x=0..24*7): B:=plot(h(x),x=0..24*7): display(A,B);
Hello everyone, I use Fedora Core 5 and Maple 10. When I try to open a file with comments in Russian in classic interface, instead of normal characteres I see strange symbols, in new java interface squares instead of characters. Moreover, cyrillic input doesn't work at all in the classic interface, and in the java interface it inputs only squares. Linux is fully localized, there are no problems with encoding in other applications. In WinXP there are no problems like that in Maple, but I have to use Linux. I can imagine that hardly someone of you had to face the problem, because the forum is in English, but nevertheless.....
Hi, I was trying to plot a graph in Maplet using for this the output of a procedure. I don´t understand way the plotter element don´t show the procedure output. Can anyone help me? Thanks, João Laudares, Brazil Here is the code: > restart;with(linalg):with(stats[statplots]):with(plots):with(CurveFitting): > GSeidel:=proc(a, prec, nmax) > local n, xnew, i, j, k, m, erro, soma: > global xold,x,y,R2,R3,h,X,Y,vetor,xix,z,p,vetor_erro,vetor_iterada,R4,R5: > n:=rowdim(a): > xold:=vector(n,1): > xnew:=vector(n,1): > erro:=1: > vetor_erro:=vector(nmax); > vetor_erro:=0; > vetor_iterada:=vector(nmax);
I would like to know how to print a matrix using the TextBox command from Maplets, because always print a message "Matrix(3, 3, [ [ 1,1,1],[1,1,1],[1,1,1 ] ], datatype = anything, storage = rectangular, order = Fortran_order, shape = [])", for example. Another doubt is if it's possible to print text and equations using the MAthMLViewer without erasing the previous print in the Maplets (to each program output a line is added in the MathViewer). I would be grateful for any hint. Adriene Pfeifer restart:with(LinearAlgebra):with( Maplets[Elements] ): test:=proc() local M; M:=Matrix(3,3,1);
is there a way to add the level of the curve to the plot whan using contourplot? so that every curve will have it's "haight" attached?
I need help to solve this problem in maple. :) "Use as many columns of matrix A as possible to construct a matrix B, with the property that the equation Bx=0 has only the trivial solution. Solve Bx=0 to verify you work.." Martix A: A:=matrix([[8,-3,0,-7,2],[-9,4,5,11,-7],[6,-2,2,-4,4],[5,-]]);
I was using a procedure for linear systems solution (Gauss-Seidel) and in way to obtain information about the solution convergence I would like to obtain a graph during the procedure execution by Maple that may be ploted in a Maplet window. Does anyone have some suggestion on as I can make this? I am very grateful to anyone who may help.
solve({a1*alpha+b1 *beta=a1^2*alpha+2*a1*a2*gamma+a2^2*gamma*delta/beta,a2*alpha+b2* beta=a1^2*beta+2*a1*a2*delta+a2^2* (beta*gamma-delta*(alpha-delta))/beta, a1*gamma+b1*delta=a1*b1*alpha+a1*b2*gamma+a2*b1*gamma+a2 *b2*gamma*delta/beta,a2*gamma+b2*delta=a1*b1*beta+a1*b2* delta+a2*b1*delta+a2*b2*(beta*gamma-delta*(alpha-delta))/ beta, a1*gamma*delta/beta+b1*(beta*gamma-delta*(alpha-delta))/ beta=b1^2*alpha+2*b1*b2*gamma+b2^2*gamma*delta/beta,a2* gamma*delta/beta+b2*(beta*gamma-delta*(alpha-delta))/ beta=b1^2*beta+2*b1*b2*delta+b2^2*(beta*gamma-delta*( alpha-delta))/beta},{a1,a2,b1,b2}); Warning, computation interrupted
I know these two integrals: int(sin(x)/x,x=0..infinity)=Pi/2 and int((sin(x)/x)^2,x=0..infinity)=Pi/2, so I want to know the answer to this integral int((sin(x)/x)^n,x=0..infinity), here n is a positive integer. Only assume(n>0) and additionally(n, integer) and then enter the above statement, Maple could not give an answer. Then I want to know whether there is an exact symbolic result of the integral and if so, how can I get it in Maple. 3x...
I have a question regarding a symbol for cross product. I just uploaded the file referenced at the bottom of this post, and when I viewed it in the file manager it looks different enought from the original file that anyone kind enought to help me will have to download the file. thanks View on MapleNet or Download
Does anyone have a good idea on how to do this? I have two polynomials alpha := x -> sum('a[k]*x^k','k'=0..N); and beta := x -> sum('b[k]*x^k','k'=0..N);. where N is some constant. I then create a third polynomial g := x -> beta(alpha(x))^2; Then I integrate g(x) from some point to an other point, say -1 to 2: d_tot := int(g(x), x=-1..2); The result is now a 'polynomial' of the indexes a[i] and b[i] from alpha and beta. So far so good but here I'm stuck. Next I would like to choose the indexes a[i] and b[i] for all i=0..N in order to minimize d_tot. Therefore I want Maple to see the a[i]'s and b[i]'s as variables and not coefficients so I can do some manipulations (for instance try minimize(d_tot)).
I am currently working on kinetics area. We have for Kinetic Energy KE = 1/2*m*v^2 and for momentum P= m*v. I need to check for the presence of 'm*v' term in the kinetic Energy expression and want to express Kinetic energy in terms of momentum. That is KE= 1/2*m*v^2 should be expressed as 1/2*P*v after checking for the presence of m*v. The momentum expression should be contained in the formula foe Kinetic energy. Anyone please help me on this Siva
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