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What should I do to reduce evaluating time?





proc (kappa) options operator, arrow; kappa end proc



proc (alpha, delta) options operator, arrow; exp(-(1/2)*abs(F(kappa))^2*(1+delta^2)-abs(F(kappa))*alpha)/abs(F(kappa)) end proc


L:=(alpha,delta,Lambda)->(lambda^2*exp(-alpha^2/2)/4)*(Int(f(alpha,delta),kappa= -infinity..-Lambda)+Int(f(alpha,delta),kappa= Lambda..infinity));

proc (alpha, delta, Lambda) options operator, arrow; (1/4)*lambda^2*exp(-(1/2)*alpha^2)*(Int(f(alpha, delta), kappa = -infinity .. -Lambda)+Int(f(alpha, delta), kappa = Lambda .. infinity)) end proc






proc (beta, delta) options operator, arrow; exp(-I*kappa*beta-(1/2)*abs(F(kappa))^2*(1+delta^2))/abs(F(kappa)) end proc



proc (omega, gamma) options operator, arrow; exp(I*omega*gamma)*(1-erf((gamma+I*omega)/sqrt(2))) end proc



proc (alpha, delta, Lambda, beta, gamma) options operator, arrow; (1/8)*lambda^2*exp(-(1/2)*alpha^2)*abs(Int(g(beta, delta)*(E(abs(F(kappa)), gamma)+E(abs(F(kappa)), -gamma)), kappa = -infinity .. -Lambda)+Int(g(beta, delta)*(E(abs(F(kappa)), gamma)+E(abs(F(kappa)), -gamma)), kappa = Lambda .. infinity)) end proc



N := (beta,alpha)-> (J(alpha,1,0.001,beta,3)-L(alpha,1,0.001))/\lambda^2;

proc (beta, alpha) options operator, arrow; (J(alpha, 1, 0.1e-2, beta, 3)-L(alpha, 1, 0.1e-2))/lambda^2 end proc








contourplot(evalf(N(beta,alpha)), beta=0..10,alpha=0..10,grid=[25,25]);






Is there a problem with Maple primes?  

When I want to ask a question, the input panel is disabled and not possible to type into it. Here is screen shot.


Same when I wanted to make a reply to an answer. I can not type into the window that shows. It is like disabled.

I found I only can write here, in the post section.

What is the problem?  

Can we convert expression into determinant of 3 rows and 3 columns?

is their any comman to increase dpi such as 600,900 or prduced high quality graphs rather then increase or decraese in thickness of actual graph?

Good day everyone, 

Can I plot the graph of the sheet attached below such that x will be on the vertical component and y will be on the horizontal component? Can this be done on Maple? Anyone with useful information should please help.

every time we past with windows button + v

it has the form of one liner math input i want to force all pasting to have normal math input !


i copy two items and past them (the last one with the windows button)

   a/b,  and x/y

and i get

x/y and a/b

or another example

i want to have a script that ones ran, makes all pasting that contains one liner into normal math

this is not a scrip we need to run at the end or periodically but a package ones loaded changes the way it pastes with the windows button (something like for every past "check IF it is a oneliner IF True, then make it into normal math, else stop)

or change a setting in maple via " := " that forces all math inputs to only be able to exist in normal math, ie. disable one liner math input.

the reason i know this is a setting problem and can be fixed (easily) is this

when we look at the clipboard folder both of them are actually formed by one liner math input. and only the older copyed item has the wrong form when pasting. just take a look at the clipboard folder

when i just use CTRL + V i get the first one (with the correct form), when i use windows button + v and select the second one (i get the second one but in the wrong form)

they dont look the samme (not the letters inside but the form)

so pls help this is a major problem in order to work effectively.

hello with the new online maple enviroment called "maple learn" can i use this to run maple on my ipad.

my main goal is to just open the files on the ipad when i am standing at a blackboard so i can tjeck and so i know what to write on the board.

are there other methods - if so i would like to hear them

i havent look at mapleNet could this be used.


so just to not confuse i dont need to write formulas i just need to be able to look at my work in maple from an ipad.

and really important - i am noot looking to generate maplelearn files for everything. i want to find a normal maple file via the ipad via cloud/onedrive and open it. (no more) or login to maplelearn and open onedrive via file->open (and look through my files on the pc.

Every time I convert Mathematica expressions to Maple in order to use them there, I have to spend hrs by hand adding () around places in the input Mathematica expression because Maple complains about a^b^c.

The problem is that Mathematica has no problem with this, as it always takes a^b^c as a^(b^c). Here is an example to illustrate

But in Maple



So I have to edit the input by hand


The problem is that this is how Mathematica produces the expressions, and I have no way to tell Mathematica to put an extra () around to clear this ambiguity,

So I am hoping there is a way in Maple to do it. May be using some option? I know even using Maple own expressions, it complains about this:


But in Mathemtica it accepts this

If there is no way to change this behavior maple, else it means I have to spend hrs again editing all the Mathematica input by hand before using MmaTranslator:-FromMma each time. There are 100's of these in each file.

I think Maple here is not behaving the same as other CAS system. In Fricas it also works as is

(1) -> x^y^z

   (1)  x

Same in Maxima

(%i2) x^y^z;  
(%o2)                                x

Same in Giac

0>> x^y^z

And in every other CAS system I tried. It is only Maple who complain about this.

Any suggestions for workaround?

What is the procedure to add global optima package in maple?

I have the function: f(x)= sqrt(x) for x>=0; f(x)=1/x for x<0 and I would like to plot the function.

How exactly to implement this?

Can we write v matrix in terms of matrix u? i.e., v=const*u.

Is it possible to do machine learning using maplesoft I have 2020 for now

Say I have an excel sheet with one dependent variable and n number of independent variables. I can ask for the number of hidden layers we need.

Then i want to traing the data with 70% of the data for training ,  15% of the data for validation and 15% of the data for testing.

I want some charts may be on the performance of the neural networks.

and get the regression equation formed by this training would be looking to repeat the training until MSE has certain approximation.


If this is not possible in maplesoft kindly help me with some other code way to do this. Please help. I will surely acknowledge please advice me.

Is there a way to take a long integer representing the ticks in JS and convert them to a date in maple?

Example: Assume expressions assigned to names

xa, xb, xc := y = x, y = x^2, x = x^3

y = x, y = x^2, x = x^3


where you want to apply a command (rhs in this example) to all names fitting to a certain scheme (here a and c)

seq(cat(x, i), i = [a, c])

xa, xc


`~`[rhs]([xa, xc])[]

x, x^3


Combining (2) and (3) in one line

seq(rhs(cat(x, i)), i = [a, c])

Error, invalid input: rhs received xa, which is not valid for its 1st argument, expr


throws an error. Although xa evaluates to an equation





whattype(cat(x, a))



seems to do the same.
I have not worked out what the xa is that rhs is receiving in the one line statement (see error).
Since rhs returns xa it does not look like a delayed evaluation.


Besides an explanation of what is going on, I'm interested if there is a way to debug what is passed to rhs?



I am looking to adapt the MathApp to draw random rectangle triangles. Ideas for correcting my sheet?


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