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I'm trying to get a hold of using DLL with Maple at the moment.

Just to give you some background informations.

My Headerfile:


using namespade std;

namespace WAVEFUNC

Good day, dear Friends!

I'm trying to find real positive roots  of equation 

sqrt(x+3-4*sqrt(x-1))+sqrt(x+8-6*sqrt(x-1)) = 1 with Maple 16.01.

One can easly verifies that this euqation has at least two positive  real (integer) solutions: at x=5 and x=10,

but Maple function 

Hello all,

I'll be straight-forward.

I have Maple 15+MapleSim 5. I don't have Control Design Toolbox. I want to embed a linearized system object as an msys file into MapleSim.

The Linearization template failed to create the file. I tried to use the codes in the template directly as code in Maple, but also failed. Seemingly because I don't have Control Design Toolbox in which the code need to load.

I have been googling around with no avail. I...

I use the eqn feature from Maple to generate troff output.

Each equation is longer than one line. How does one get the eqn/troff
combination to automatically break the equation into multiple lines.

(I tried finding the division point myself and could not do it. I am
generating the output and I have a perl script that puts together the indivdual
equations into the document to be printed. Thus, I need something automatic)

I tried Google and...

Help !

I have Maple 13 installed on my computer, and when I click the icon in the taskbar, it just sits there and refuses to start.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but that didn't work either. I also installed the latest Java Runtime Environment, all to no avail.

Was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem, if they fixed it, and if so, how ?

Any help appreciated.


Let all vertices of a cube be in an one-to-one correspondence with the elements of the set {seq(j^2,j=1..8)}. Let us consider the sum  of the products of the numbers at the vertices belonging to an edge over all edges of the cube. What is its minimum? How to find this with Maple?

In maple 16 I do the following.

rsolve({a(1) = 1+2/n, a(p) = 1+(p-1)*a(p-1)/n+2*b(p-1)/n, b(0) = 1, b(p) = 1+p*b(p-1)/n}, {a(p), b(p)});

subs(p = n-1, %);

I then copy the answer for a(n-1) and evaluate it at n=20, say.

evalf(subs(n = 20, (1/n)^(n-1)*n*GAMMA(n-1)*(Sum((n+2*(1/n)^p1*exp(n)*GAMMA(p1+1, n))/(n^2*(1/n)^(p1+1)*GAMMA(p1+1)), p1 = 1 .. n-2)+1+2/n)));

which gives



But if I plot a(n-1) with

How to programmatically insert the signs  +, −, ×, /, (, ) into 123456789  to make it equal to 100 ? Of course, with Maple. I understand more or less how to produce that by using formal grammars
(see ).

This is a simple question,


How do I tell maple to give only one fraction instead of a sum of several with different denominators.



if i sum 1/3 + x/5 maple simply gives me: 1/3 + x/5


I want maple to give me (5+3x)/15



Hi, I have a 1x1 matrix. I would like to use the value in it but not as a matrix, any idea how I should take away the matrix and just take the inner matrix? Please help. Thanks.

For example instead of [8x+3], i would like it to be just 8x+3





I would like to do the following procedure from a basic concept, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong (sorry for that, I'm a beginner). I have tried to look up some more information about procedures on the Help menu with no success. Here you have what I'm planning to do:

Considering the following function (which approximates the cosine function):


I would like...

I have simplified a fairly large expression derived by Maple and am chacking to see if the two expressions are the same.  Previously, when I did this, the result was pretty straightforward: when the output was 0 = 0, the expressions were the same; however, now when Maple simplifies the expression I can sometimes use a combination of the simplify, factor, expand, collect, and combine functions to get it to spit out 0 = 0, but sometimes I can't.  Here is an example which shows the problem.

how do i write a command of a length of an array?

for example, c:=[1 3 5 7 8 2 1]..the length is 7 right? so how do i write the command..

it's a pleasure if any can help..

Is it possible to insert a hyperlink to a pdf file ? I use links to other Maple worksheets and internet URLs, but cannot seem to find a way to create a link to a local pdf file. Thanks for any help.


Happy Holidays !

charc := -(-1/(-1+I*X))^alpha/(-1+I*X);
Density := int(-exp(-I*X*u)*(-1/(-1+I*X))^alpha/(-1+I*X), X = -infinity .. infinity);
can not evaluate

charc := (1+mean/(-1+exp(I*X)*mean)-mean*exp(I*X)/(-1+exp(I*X)*mean))^gamma;
Density := int(exp(-I*X*u)*(1+mean/(-1+exp(I*X)*mean)-mean*exp(I*X)/(-1+exp(I*X)*mean))^gamma, X = -infinity .. infinity);

charc := 1/(I*X/(-1+exp(I*X)))^n;
Density := int(exp(-I*X*u)/(I*X/(-1+exp(I*X)))^n, X = -infinity .. infinity);...

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