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i want to solve the following for q[b], theta is a symbolic coefficient. When I use the solve command it produces a RootOf that i cannot handle by using either allvalues or evalf. I can't use fsolve since there is theta 

In the previous question, we discussed a workaround for evaluating a multi-variable integration. 

For the following example 

> g := (e1, e2, e3) -> piecewise(e1+1.200000000 <= e2 and e3-2.400000000 <= e1, evalf(64.00000000*exp((-1)*8.000000000*e1^2)*exp((-1)*8.000000000*e2^2)*exp((-1)*8.000000000*e3^2)/Pi^2), 0);
> evalf(Int((x, y, z) -> g(x, y, z), [-2 .. 2, -2 .. 2, -2 .. 2]), 3);
Maple could start execution and do the computation.

When an integration is successfully evaluated numerically, a float number is returned, otherwise the unevaluated expression is returned. I'm wondering whether Maple has a utility function which simply takes in whatever the integration evaluation gives and return a boolean flag indicating whether it is unevaluated or is a floating point result? 

Hi, I got a problem that "Warning, solutions may have been lost" when I solve 

eqns := {a+r*t*ln(l)+(1-l)^2*m-b-r*t*ln(s)-(1-s)^2*n = 0, a+r*t*ln(1-l)+l^2*m-b-r*t*ln(1-s)-s^2*n = 0}
vars := {l, s}
solve(eqns, vars)


i write the followinf code in maple

eq1:= f'''(x) - f'(x)

is this posible in maple that i worte the above command like this

Linear:= d3/d(x) - d/d(x)

eq1:= linear (f)

thanks for youe attention in advance


i have 2 equation named eq1 and eq2 with 2 unknown parameter a and b which each equation dependent to a and b. i want to achieve critical a and b to minimize eq1 and eq2.

previously i have eq1 and one parameter a only and i use the NLPSOLVE command. but , for above mention problem i dont know how achieve a and b?


thancks for your attenrion in advance

Question is very simple:

if I write square root as  f^(1/2) , then the compile function gives a error: 

Error, (in Print) rational numbers and arithmetic are not yet supported

if I write it as sqrt(f) then compile works.

But Maple seems to internally always convert sqrt(f) to f^(1/2). So, I am constantly getting the above error!

Is there a workaround? I have an impression of very poorly written Compile function....

any software help to see the Maple code inside the library with extension .lib?

So I have this array of plots with log vertical axes. I generate it with a seq(logplot(.....)) construct and then display the whole sequence. Works like a charm...except all plots have linear scale! So I try plot(...,axis[2]=[mode=log]): works fine for direct plot but not in display. I try to add the log axis to display, like display(...axis[2]=[mode=log]): same result, linear axes.

Is plots:-display unable to produce a log plot? I can obviously plot the log(data),...

acer discussed in a recent post the effect of different array types on performance.

I have, however, a much more elementary question: Maple has a bewildering number of differing data structures: Arrays, Vectors, lists, sets, tables,... Some of these are supersets of others.

Being still on the learning curve I am building a module with definitions of certain functions or procedures I use frequently, such as to make my life easier. A lot of my stuff uses array-like...

Hi, I have a set of data (see here:I-V_data.xls), voltage and current, which is measured from Keithley semiconductor analyzer, I want to load into Maple(version 15) and using formula as follow Two diode equationto fitting the curve, where I (i.e. current) appear at both right-hand-side and left-hand-side, V (i.e. voltage...

In geometry package, for example, i have the line d has equation 2*x + 3*y + 4 = 0. I want to choose an arbitrary point on the line d, how must i do? 

Hi there,


I would like to know if it is possible to get the results of a simulation as a table with the values of the output variable as numbers instead a graphic. for example:

time     temperature

0.1s     300k

0.2s     305K




Hello everyone. I'm a french student and I make a study on the double pendulum. I have written all of the equations into maple (6 equation for solid movement and 2 for point movement). We will work with 2 equations.

So i got my 2 differential equations (non linear) and I want to odeplot them and after plot the 2 solutions with plot.

Unfortunatly, after reading some post here and solutions, my problem still exist. When I odeplot my solutions : i have a warning message (so also when I plot) :

How do I rewrite a expression in terms of other expressions? (Using just algebraic transformations.)

I'm look for something like algsubs. algsubs does not work for some non-trivial cases: I get the error "cannot compute degree of pattern in...". Playing a bit with these expresions (replacing denominators, and some subexpressions), I can transform in various steps, applying algsubs, to get the desire result, but I don't know how do this automatically.


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