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 I am getting into the pdetools, in particular the analytical options. I saw that I can test the MAPLE solution to a pde, but I want MAPLE to test my solution,  how could I do that, MAPLE just substitutes my solution into the pde without differentiating and simplifying.





Hello everyone,

I like to force following:

a/(a+b) --->  1/(1+b/a)

I know that collect is a powerful tool that is actually capable of doing such things. In a similar (old) thread, it was suggested to use a function in the last part like

collect(expression, varialble, (x->something)@factor)

but I don't understand what exactly this means. Any help?

another related question is, is the collect command available as right-click option?

I have a differential equation having a parameter say 'a'.

If I increase 'a' by 10%, got change in the solution as well.

How to calculate change in percentage in the solution?.


Hi everyone.

Does anyone know what engine is behind the fsolve command? As we know fsolve can solve the sets of equations even without any initial guesses. Is it working based on GA or another global optimization techniques?

Appreciate any help.


I'd like to take the output of ifactor(n::posint), the prime factorization of n, and index the terms of the product to a list. ie: ifactor(256)=2^8 so [2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2]. or 135 -> (3^3)(5)->[3,3,3,5].
Any suggestions? 

So I've got this function here:

binomial(37, x-105)*.85^(142-x)*.15^(x-105)

I'm trying to maximize it over the reals using Maple 16. I know from the graph that the maximum is somewhere between 109 and 111. I tried using maximize( f(x), x=109..111) but it keeps giving an overflow exception. How would I go about maximizing this?

Hi everybody,

Does somebody has an idea about how to model the temperature of water during freezing ?

I mean, if you consider a certain mass of water and you put it, for example on a fridge. I don't consider the convection but only the diffusion, and I would like to model, if possible with an animation the temperature of the water (as a cube for the shape).

Normally, during the freezing I should observe a decrease of the temperature, then a freezing...

I have written a procedure to overload a new "Subs" function. It uses a seq of equations as its first argument followed by the object to act upon (yes, it is to have subs functionality on these objects). I find the overloading works when I have just one equation in the argument list, but with more than one it never calls any of the procedures. The code worked with multiple equations before I overloaded it (i.e. the first proc was verified by itself). FWIW the objects (elemt or bm...

Does maple 16  work with Visual studio 2012?

Check these 3 code lines. a,b are some reals.




yields a/b

Is it possible to make Maple spit out 1/2, maybe with some default setting command? I still want to keep the function call format g() , so no eval(g(),...)





We are a group of students trying to solve this, we can't find a way.

We are given the system of equations

ax + y +z +u =  1
  x  -y  -z +u  = -a
       y +z -au = b
  x- y +bz +u =-2a

For what values ​​of a and

When I input int(sin(x)^4,x); I received -1/4*sin(x)^3*cos(x)-3/8*cos(x)*sin(x)+3/8*x. How do I receive 3*x/8 + 1/4*sin(2*x)+1/32*sin(4*x)?

Modify the shortest path problem by rewriting a procedure Path, non-Recursion
 that print out the shortest path from a to e base on the information from
 input:  destination "e" and setShortestDistNode
 output:  path : a -> b -> d -> e the total cost: 9
hint: copy everything that we did in shortest path problem, and rewriting a procedure Path, with while loop

I'm assuming this means this, but...

I want to simulate these contact relationships by rocking vibration as shown in Fig.1.



The two boxes (rigid body) should be contact theoretically.

However, my model did not contact.

Here, msim file is attached.


I don't understand the error that appears in blue sentence. How can I solve this error? Thank you very much.

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