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Attached are results I obtained in MAPLE 12.  Can anyone explain the contradiction?

In short, if I sum from n = 0 to some integer I get a FALSE when testing the equality, which is what I would EXPECT.  However, if I change the integer to a variable to represent that integer such as m--> the result is TRUE?

Note the change in the variable of beta to alpha inside the series expression within the parentheses.



I would like to know if there are any command that can generate the first n terms of the fourier series expansion of a piecewise continuous function ( and/or its odd/even extensions). I am looking for a command similar to what the taylor( ) command does for Taylor series.

I found some references on packages such as "OrthogonalExpansions" and "Fourier" none of which are avaliable with a standard Maple installation. If user-defined packages are my only option,...

I am trying to extract the underlying equation for a simple operational amplifier circuit in MapleSim 5.  The same process that I had used earlier for a simple resistor circuit (without opamp) worked fine and yielded equations.  However, when I try to do the same thing with an opamp (configured to do a simple amplification of an input voltage) I get a blank "View Core Equations" box in the Equation Extraction attachment. 




I have a problem with "subs" command in maple. When I use it the outcome does not show only the final result. It shows the (middle operations=final result).

For example, suppose that v(t)=x^2+1 is a function obtained from some calculations and L:=h*u(t). WhenI use: f:=subs(u(t)=v(t),L); it shows: h*u(t)=h*v(t)=h*(x^2+1). I want to show only the final results: h*(x^2+1). It make a problem in my next calculation in solving some differential equations.

y = 0;

0 = 0


`\`if'`(0 = 0, x, 0 = Float(infinity))


0, 0


`\`if'`(1 = 0, x, 0 = -1.)


1, 0


`\`if'`(2 = 0, x, 0 = .5000000000)


2, 0






Write a procedure that determines the solutions of a quadratic equation from inputs a, b and c by using the discriminant and the quadratic formula. The quadratic equation procedure should be able to solve all cases: invalid input, linear case, real and complex roots. The procedure should also plot the given equation.


I am bothered by an error that I don't understand. I am trying to write a procedure to solve numerically a delay differential equation "step by step" (for example y'(t)=y(t-1))

here is my code


y[0]:=t->t; #my initial condition on [-1,0]

p:=dsolve({D(x)(t)=y[0](t-1), x(t0)=x0}, x(t), numeric, parameters=[t0, x0]);


y[1]:=t->op(2,op(2,p(t)));  #y[1](t) is the value of p(t) but in a "readable" format

Hello, I am new to maple and trying to teach myself as i go along. I am trying to plot a paramteric for a puck on a fristion less table that spins for differnt vo values. Here is my code:

Hi, I am trying to the following. When my DizLambda value is 0, I would like it to show "a" and if it is not 0 but smaller than 1.5 to show "9", otherwiese, it it is not 0 and bigger than 1.5, to show its original value. How do I do that please in its own matrix position?

for i from 1 to (node*2-1) do


I want to compute a system of linear equations when they are provided through a matrix product, and the solutions should be some numbers (rational) between 0 and 1, and one of them could be any rational number. Also, I obtain the matrix of coefficients by recursion; I mean, I have a ''for loop" in which I find recursively the matrix of coefficients, and then in each step of loop I solve the system of equations with this coefficients.

I use Maple 13. The...

Hi, the below statement pops out whenever i try to load a worksheet. It used to be able to load after 2/3 tries, but after trying about 5 times, it still doesn't work. I tried saving a different locations, tried changing the names, but it didn't work. May I know how to solve this please? Many thanks.

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .

I have valid Maple 15 licenses both on my laptop as well as on my desktop at work. Sometimes I would like to use the kernel of the desktop version (more powerful computer with more memory) with the worksheet-GUI of my laptop esp. since on Mac the X-window interface does not work. Since Maple has a client-server architecture (or kernel-frontend), is there a way---any way---to connect to the remote kernel from my laptop? I believe Mathematica has been able to do that for years.


I am working on a physics problem that involves a bead on roating hoop. You need to use Lagrangians to solve this problem but this is not where i am strugling. My school expects us to use maple because it is the program the provide but none of the teachers know how to usem it (they use mathmatica) so they cant help us. We have the equation: θ"= [ω2*cos(θ)-(g/R)]sin(θ) and the initial cond. θ'(0)=0 and θ(0)=θ


I am working with equations on Maple which depends on a parameter (epsilon), which can assume only the values +1 and -1 (I intent to replace this value only in the end of calculation). When, however, Maple computes the expressions, the result contains severals powers of epsilon, for instance epsilon^7 or epsilon^4. Since actually we have that epsilon^7=epsilon and epsilon^4=1, respectively, it would be very usefull to me if Maple 

Hi, I was trying to do the following but fail. May I know what does the error mean and how could I rectify it please? Thank you very much.


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