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Dear everyone,

I'm trying to create a list, L, of all vectors of length l with values in a small discrete set S (eg S:={1,2,3}). I can do this for any particular l by the following code:
(Assume l:=5)

for i_1 in S do
for i_2 in S do
for i_3 in S do
for i_4 in S do
for i_5 in S do

Hello all

I have a worksheet where I use a .txt file as input (link in the end). Then, if I try the following command


it fails, saying it cannot calculate. If, however, instead of using the input file I put it all in the worksheet it works perfectly. I know I could just put it all in the worksheet, but I want to save some space and time, since I use the same input file to do lots of different things.

Thank you all for the help

Find $M=sin(54°)+cot(7.50°)$

when i try to solve the equation given below the following problem occured. pleae tell me how can i solve this boundary value problem.

> eq := -(diff(p0(x)*(diff(v(x), x)), x))+q0(x)*v(x) = f0(x);

> l1 := -p0(0)*(D(v))(0)-p0(0)*v(0) = 0;

> l2 := p0(1)*(D(v))(1) = 0;

> dsol := dsolve({eq, l1, l2}, numeric);
Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp/convertsys) too few boundary conditions: expected 3, got 2


Is it possible to change the font size used for existing Maplet applications? If it is possible to do so how can I make it? I want to increase the font size because the natural resolution of my screen is pretty high and the numbers are barely legible in any Maplet application. 

Thanks in advance.

The process I am trying to do is create a new expanded Hermitian Matrix using one previosuly defined and then specifying the remaining elements of the upper triangle. This method works but wondering if the third line commands can be simplified into the one Matirx() command in the second line?

> HA := Matrix(2, {(1, 1) = 0, (1, 2) = f, (2, 2) = 0}, shape = hermitian);
> HAA := Matrix(4, HA, shape = hermitian);
> HAA(1, 3) := -t; HAA(2, 4) := -t; HAA(3, 4) := f;...

I installed the Maple 16 in Windows 8 and it works in command line mode. But for worksheet mode, it freezes once you open the Maple and can only be closed in task manager. Any quick way to solve this problem? thanks

I see there are functions for 3-dimensional planes and spheres but what about arbitrary curves?

For instance I have the following 3D curves: z = y*log(x) and z = y + x*log(x)

  1. How can I compute the intersection of these curves?

I am trying to plot (3-Dimensional) two functions of 2 variables in maple. Here is my code:

K := (V, E) --> E*log(V)
P:= (V, E) --> E + V*log(V)
plot(K(V, E), P(V,E), V = 0 .. 20, E = 0 .. 190)               /*This line does not work*/
I want a 3D plot where a point in the graph would be: (K(V, E), V, E)
  1. How can I plot a 3-Dimensional Plot of two functions with 2 variables?

What is the  basic formula of set theory?


I am a student and I am new to the maple software. I need some help with generating a 3d curve fit for data from excel. I have attached sample excel sheet.


I am trying to get a relation of X(1st column) in terms of Y(2nd column) and Z(3rd column). Also is there a way where I can define the relation and maple can find the coefficients(a,b,c,d,e) of the expressions? such as: X=a(Y^3...

I have a function that is a double summation and I cannot get maple to compute it. (I'm new to maple)

The function is as follows:

F(x) := sum from a=1 to x of [sum from b=0 to a-1 of [cos(2 pi x b / a)]]

for integer x, F should produce integers, but I am only getting 0's

naturally F is undefined for non integers. but maple is producing non 0 numbers for non integer entries. So, i have no idea what it is calculating.

Thanks in advance for any help. BC

I need to update prcLeastSquareLA so that it adds error estimate information as an output in prcLeastSquareLA.

This is what I have so far:


local vars,y,A,V,k,e,i,j,v,c,lstVars;  

vars := seq(c_i, i = 0 .. degree);

y := unapply(`+`(seq((c_i)*t^i, i = 0 .. degree)), t);

 for k to nops(data) do 

e_k := y(data[k][1]) = data[k][2];

v_k := [coeffs(lhs(e_k))];

I wrote the following code but am stuck on how to Update prcLeastSquareLA, so it does what prcLeastSquare does.

I believe you have to add error estimate information in prcLeastSquareLA but I have tried to no avail.


prcLeastSquareLA:= proc(data,degree)
local vars,y,A,V,k,e,i,j,v,c,1stVars;

vars:= seq(ci,;
for k

I have an initial value problem B(Y,t)(dY/dt)=C(Y,t), where Y= sought vector function, B matrix of the vector function and the independant varaible t, C is a column of function of Y and t.

In my case, B is a 21x21 matrix, but if I can increase the size of the matrix, it could be better.

I tried to solve the problem by creating a system of diffferential equations and using the dsvolve command. It didn't work.

How to efficiently solve this problem?


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