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Dear friends


I want to plot a function with these coordinates in x and y directions where:





y=(1, 1.20603, 1.53769, 1.6, 1.77889, 2.74372, 3.49749, 3.9196, 4.43216,...

Hello!  I am writing a Grassmann multiplication operator:

define('`&*`', 'multilinear', 'flat', 'identity' = 1)

So that it automatically constructs operators like &*(arg1, arg2,arg3 ...)

Now I want to teach Maple how to transforms &* with ARBITRARY number of arguments.

How to create a pattern for that?  (to be added to "define")

hi all, my knowledge of maple is quite limited and i havent used it in a few years so perhaps some of you can show me where ive messed up. I keep getting this error:


Dear guys

To solve a typical integral I have written


but the solution is very complicated and contains "hypergeom". How can I have a simpler solution? I mean an explicit solution.


Hi every one, plz can anyone solve these equations numericallly by maple:

Dear All,

I am trying to find (complex) eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix as a function of a variable. Using the following commands lead to the respective errors:

- LinearAlgebra[Eigenvalues](A): Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled

- LinearAlgebra[Eigenvectors](A): Error, (in LA_Main:-Eigenvectors) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0.2480392156e-4*abs...

Can anyone explain these results?  I m trying to check on a more complicated form of this expression, but cannot proceed without understanding what is occurring in this case.

Does anyone know if you can schedual a task in maple ie at 12:00 add a number
to a matrix in a worksheet (Just an simple example to see if it is working)

In windows you can use the "Task Scheduler" to automate stuff that you need to repeat.

Also I dont want the actuall Maple software to actually launch at 12:00, I want everything to happend
in the background.

If you put the maple commands in the "start up code region" of the worksheet I guess it

I decided to convert an old LR question to Maple 15 syntax and update my Maple T.A. questions. I have it working in Maple, but in MTA I get an error: " Maple computation error", I've eliminated lines until I found out the error is when I use Fit to solve for the equation. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Stephen

I define 8 x values, and calculate 8 y values with random residuals. Then I solve using least squares.


what should i do to get display buttons in maplet as an input in TextField? so that everytime i click on a button in maplet, the value of that button will show up in TextField as an input, such as if i click on a  Button("1") , the number 1 will show up in the TextField. thanks in advance.

Hi, I have two matrix



How do i make it into a [9x9] matrix? I is a diagonal matrix in the sequence of a,b,b,a. The first end of first "a" is added with begining of "b", the end of second "b" is added with the begining of third "b", and the end of third "b" is added with the beginning of final "a".

The answer that i'm getting shall be as follow :



Well, I'm trying to connect a translational spring to a revolute joint. But, I'm unable to do so. I'm new to MapleSim and I ain't a mechanical engineer either. I need you to help me a little. Anticipating a quick response!

I wrote my own maple library. Some of its procedures require the LinearAlgebra-library.

Is there a way to automatically load LinearAlgebra when loading my library? (I tried to use 'use' but it didnt help )
Currently i load my library with

read "/home/..../something.lib";

Is there any good refernce to learn how to write maple libraries the right way? the maple help isnt actually very helpful.











> local a,c,d::posint,e,f,i,j,k,l,s,t,u;s:=[];t:={};u:={};
> if m=n then return [[1$m]];fi;
>  for i from 1 to nops(decom(n-1,m)) do
>   a[i]:=op(i,decom(n-1,m));# a is a list
>   c[i]:=[op({op(a[i])})];
>   #d[i,j]:=coun(a[i],op(j,c[i]));#c:unrepeated numbers in a. d:number of repeatance
>    for k from 1 to nops(c[i]) do
>     e[i,k]:=aadd1(c[i],k);

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