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Please help me with the next problem in Maple. When I try to find roots using solve command but
it throws the next message:
Warning, solutions may have been lost...
The procedure is performed as follows:
fx := (-(1/2)*(sqrt((x-x1)^2+(y-y1)^2)-m1)^2*(2*x-2*x1))*(1/(s1*sqrt((x-x1)^2+


I have a table T where the indicies are pairs (a,b) of integers with 0<a,b<50. Is it possible to make a 3D plot with a point (a,b,T(a,b)) for each (a,b) in the domain of T?






N:=5:for Q from -1.5 to 1.5 by 0.1 do A[Q]:=dsolve({eq1,eq2,bc},numeric, 

How can I archive color coding? The two plots are colored the same, but I want them to be colored according to one common color scale, which means that each z value is assigned to a unique color for the 2 function plot.

f1 := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; sin((1/2)*y+(1/2)*x) end proc;f2 := f1+2;
p1:=plot3d(f1, 0..10, 0..20, style=patch, color=proc(x,y) x*y end proc);p2:=plot3d(f2, 0..10, 0..20, style=patch, color=proc(x,y) x*y end proc);


I have .dat files that I want to use in integrating some function, say


where I have the numerical values of a(x) as "avalues.dat" file.

I am wondering if there is a command that does the integration numerically...

And also for  differentiating numerically: g(x)=diff(a(x),x)

Thanks in advance.

In geom3d, how can i make a triangle which coordinates of the center circle circumscribed triangle are integer numbers? Please help me. Thank you.

hello every one!

i have a pde problem( heat problem) i wanna plot it with maple and i know how can i solve it with maple but i wanna plot it and solve it with my boundry condition and initial condition then plot it

here my problem:

> with(PDEtools);
> PDE := diff(F(r, t), t)-.102*10^(-6)*(Diff(r*(diff(F(r, t), r)), r))/r = 0

I am using Maple 11.  When I set up an equation, I can see an easy solution by visual inspection but when I have Maple solve the equation then use real numbers the results are different!  What is going on??  I have uploaded my worksheet which shows the discrepancy. 



Using export to obtain fugures from maple the resolutin is poor. How can I get images with 1000dpi resolution?

How can I find all of the solutions of the equation sinx = (1/8).x ?

Please help me, thank you very much !

Maple 13 does not calculate the definite integral

int(x^4/(4*x^5+2), x=0..1);

although the corresponding indefinite integral is calculated correctly. The reason?

Thank you.

Maple16 on Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit.  Radeon 4550 video.  plot3d images are kind of split down the middle with left half of the image on the right and right-half on the left, lots of flicker when trying to manipulate with the mouse, surface is monochrome and poorly rendered, crashes maple application if you try to manipulate it too much.

This behavior occurs using the default xorg video driver (not proprietary) and default xorg configuration.  I have not...

Is there a way to type commands in Maple to attach arrows to the graphs without using the plot functionality that is built-in? My professor is asking me to plot a graph and then attach arrows to it. 

After numerically solving an ODE, I want to save the solutions as a .dat file. I got this from the internet net for PDES and tried by adapt it to odes using dsolve. But I get this: Error, `sol` does not evaluate to a module 
PDE := diff(u(x, t), t, t)-(diff(u(x, t), x, x))+.2(diff(u(x, t), t))-1/2*(u(x, t)-u(x, t)^3) = 0;
 IBC := {u(-15, t) = -1, u(15, t) = 1, u(x, 0) = tanh(x), (D[2](u))(x, 0) = -1/cosh(x)^2}; sol := pdsolve(PDE, IBC, 'numeric', u(x, t...

I'm using Maple 16 for OS X (on Lion). The way Maple handles highlighting is very strange; if I want to highlight (and copy or delete) part of an expression, or maybe something nested within a command, it frequently highlights things I don't want it to and never put my cursor near. I expect it's trying to be smart and predict what I want to select, but quite often it makes it impossible for me to do what I actually need to, causing even more hassle. Usually if I want to delete...

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