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I'm using the BoxPlot function and am trying to change the colour of two dates in the title="string" part, so they correspond with the colours of the two related box plots. Is there a way to do this?


I have tf=0.04s but the probe plot only 0.02s at one simulation, 0.03s for another simulation ! How to oblige the probe to plot from 0s to 0.04s ?


I have two parametric equations, one for x(t), one for y(t).  Both are ODEs of order 1.  Both are implicit.  There is no way to solve explicitly for dx/dt or dy/dt.  How can I get Maple to do a plot of the solution?  I tried DEplot but apparently it demands an explicit presentation of dx/dt and dy/dt.   I have Maple12 on a Mac, but could use Maple15 on a server.

Dear everyone,




  I have a simple problem of writting data into a file:


  For something like


for i from 1 to 3 do
end do;



I got


Just a small question: what's the difference between writing

product( (2*i-1) mod 3 + 1, i=1..10 )

which incorrectly gives 105411381075, and writing

mul( (2*i-1) mod 3 + 1, i=1..10 )

which correctly gives 432...

And what's the reasoning behind this?

-- Regards,


Hi everyone,
While I am getting more and more comfortable with the document mode, I have some questions regarding the document block feature:
- What is a document block good for anyway?
- Why not have the whole document in one block?
- Can one join two document blocks?
- when do I "remove the document block"
- How can I make sure that say an informational 2-D math expression inside a document block never gets executed?
-- Can I still...


I have a problem related to solving the complex equation of dispersion relation.

In the plots some modes are missed. I dont know whay?

Is possible to help me? (m0^2<0).

 local ce,c0,ve,va,cte,ct,me,m0,DT,n,EQ,i;
 ce:=6.2;c0:=0.25;ve:=5.25;ck:=1.06;ct:=0.243; cte:=2.515;

I write this code:

> e1 := a-3;
a - 3
> e2 := sqrt(6)*b+6;
6 b + 6
> trac := e1+e2;
a + 3 + 6 b
> dter := e1*e2;
/ (1/2) \
(a - 3) \6 b + 6/
> dell := trac^2-4*dter;

Hello, I'm just starting to work with maple I'm working on Enzyme kinetics project and I have no idea how to solve ODE system using GEAR'S or A-stability methods. I'm looking for help.


What is wrong?

> restart;
> Digits := 10;
> dsys := {diff(E(t), t) = -kf*E(t)*S(t)+kr*ES(t)+kcat*ES(t),

Hi, I'm trying to calculate a few integrations:




N1, N2, and N3 are 3x3 matrix are are functions of eta0, eta2. eta0 and eta2 are derived after several integration as well.

If i do not want to change the name "eta0" and "eta2", can i write something to indicate (eta0 for E1 is 8.3, eta0 for E2 is 4.5, eta0 for E3 is 7.9). I hope...


given a ploynomial in three variables x,y,z, I want to check if it is nonnegative for all (x,y,z) in R^3.

I know there is a function 'verify' in maple but it doesn't work with my polynomial, I think it's too complex.

Do you have any idea which other function I could try?


Thank you



Hi, i'm trying to change Matrix([[9,8,7],[6,5,4],[3,2,1]]) into Matrix([[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]). I try to use FlipDimension, it works with two steps, but i cant seem to fit it into one step. Is there a simplier thing that i could do please? Thanks.


i've been using evalf(Pi*5.6) for my calculations. after a few steps of calculations, some of the values are as small as 7.4x10-9 . These small values are insignificant to my calculations. how should i ask maple to ignore all the positive and negative values that are smaller than 1x10-9?

Please advice. Thanks

there are four points :

O = (0, 0), P = (0, b/d), Q = (beta/delta, 0), R = ((-d*beta+b*gamma)/(-delta*d+gamma*c), (beta*c-delta*b)/(delta*d-gamma*c))

and then  define the jocbian maxtrix as

J=Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = beta-2*delta*x-gamma*y, (1, 2) = -x*gamma, (2, 1) = -y*c, (2, 2) = b-2*d*y-c*x})

at last , i want to get the jocbian matrix at the four points,  so  must substitute the coordinate of the four point into the...

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