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Maplet file failed to open by double click in windows 7 x64 file browser

There is no response when double click a Maple file

But it runs correctly by using command line

Anyone knows why?

Dear all


If its possible in  Maple to change the integral of the sum to  the sum of integrals when I calucle the integral of a function series


Thank you

I have the following expression (generated by some other procedure):

This does not have a taylor expansion in pV[6] in the general case because the square roots can become negative:

Error, does not have a taylor expansion, try series()

But I can get an expansion by restrictig the range of pV[6]:

taylor(xpr,pV[6]) assuming -0.01<pV[6],pV[6]<0.01;

So far things are perfectly fine. But when I try mtaylor:

mtaylor(xpr,pV[6]) assuming -0.01<pV[6],pV[6]<0.01;
Error, (in assuming) when calling 'mtaylor'. Received: 'does not have a taylor expansion, try series()'

So the assumption seems to be ignored. I can work around this by expanding in pV[6] first, using taylor, and then expanding the result from that using mtaylor (I really also want the expansions in the other pV components; 6 in total although in this example some do not show up). I'll have to convince myself that this work-around gives the correct result but I think it does. However, I don't particularly like it.

I consider this a bug and am tempted to submit an SCR. But before I do that; is there anything obvious I am missing here?



PS: This was done using Maple 15. I'll check newer versions later.

Solutions are available at, however when I open them they appear in Code, I am running Windows 10 and wonder if this is the problem,

Advice would be appreciated.

Hello, when you run an error occurs:

Error, (in plots:-display) unknown plot object: circle
Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structure but received: P[0]
Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structure but received: PP

I'm not good in Maple. Please help me understand.


I attempted to show that two lines are parallel.  I started with a problem in Geometry for which I do not have the solution.

I tried several ways with Maple to show this to be true.  Most of the time, I ended when maple could not determine if a-b = c-d, etc.

brg_proof.txt contains a statement of the problem and my latest maple code.

Question: How should I approach the proof, by the compass and straight edge method?  Is this possible in maple?

My problem is: I`d like to parse a value from JSON string and use it as code in Maple.
Ex. This is my value from JSON string: "restart:\na:=5:\nb:=3:\nP:=28*10^(-3):"

and that`s all, I`ve tryed to use JSON.Parse - it says me it`s not JSON. Sscanf - nothing.

Can anyone help me please?

intersection in the geometry package does not seem to recognize assume.

restart: with(geometry):

assume(p[1]<>0, p[2]<>0, p[3]<>0);
assume(q[1]<>0, q[2]<>0, q[3]<>0);



point(A,eval(x,sol),eval(y,sol));  ## the intersection exists
intersection(xA,AD,OT); ## fails

Hello people in mapleprimes

In the help of parse, there is the following example.

I could not understand why the first one is 4, and next 4^2, and the last 4^3 appeared, there.

Please tell me the way n is increased with the output taking 4, 4^2 and 4^3 sequentially in this example.

n := 0;
                             n := 0
input := "a := 4; a^2; a^3;";
                  input := "a := 4; a^2; a^3;"

I know that it is written in the help that lastread shows the next unparsed character,

with the offset the next statement.

Thanks in advance


I had a single variable equation but I do not know where variable y come from for using genus to run

how to compute Igusa invariant in maple?

why it is not included in maple?

I found useful to use the email address of a relative I live with, to create my own account on Maple Primes.
But I have just realized that his own account has disappeared.

Is there a way to have two differents accounts with the same email address ??? 

If not I will create my own account on my private email addresss

Sorry for the mess

I have several plots generated with geometry objects:

plt1 := draw(...); plt2 := draw(...)

I want to display all them with a reasonable window.  I have been looping and and using a rather dumb proc to find the window size. I use the view=[...] option with the values calculated to set the plot view.

I wanted to post the proc, but, really messed that up!  I will try the proc later.


Some of the plots I am working with have views like

> for itm in [relBrgLinePlot,relTgtPositPlot,relTgtLinePlot] do
end do;
                     VIEW(0. .. 95., -61.58179461 .. 16.)
                 VIEW(5.48225506 .. 95., -61.58179461 .. 16.)
                 VIEW(5.48225506 .. 95., -61.58179461 .. 16.)

> for itm in [geoSensPositPlot,geoSensLinePlot,\
            geoBrgLinePlot,geoTgtPositPlot,geoTgtLinePLot] do
end do;
                  VIEW(0. .. 35.35331852, 0. .. 87.13244438)
                  VIEW(0. .. 35.35331852, 0. .. 87.13244438)
                     VIEW(0. .. 95., 0. .. 87.13244438)
                 VIEW(40.83557358 .. 95., 16. .. 25.55064977)
                 VIEW(40.83557358 .. 95., 16. .. 25.55064977)

Is there an easier way to do this?


implicitplot3d((x+y+z)^2=0, x=-100..100,y=-100..100,z=-100..100)

can be plot, and only show me an empty box.

and i get the same empty box when i reduce the interval.

for example :

implicitplot3d((x+y+z)^2=0, x=-5..5,y=-5..5,z=-5..5)


implicitplot3d((x+y+z)^2=0, x=-0.1..0.1,y=-0.1..0.1,z=-0.1..0.1)

please help me.

thanks for reading this question, and i hope i get an answer.

Linux.  I want to put grid lines on an x11 device.

The x11 device is better for plotting because if the window is resized, the plot resizes with it.

plotsetup(x11);plot(sin(x),x=-1..1,gridlines = true); ## no gridlines

plot(sin(x),x=-1..1,gridlines = true); ## have gridlines

Any way to get gridlines on x11 device?

Tom Dean

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