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I'm writing firmware for a floating point unit on a DSP.

The single-precision (32-bit) number format includes:
· 1 sign bit: 0 means the value is positive and 1 means the value is negative.
· 8-bit exponent: This exponent is biased to allow for both positive and negative exponents.
· 23-bit mantissa: The mantissa includes an implicit leading 1 plus the fractional bits.

Is there a way to define the float as 32 bit and then convert it to binary representation in maple?

Or would I have to manually compute it in maple?

Thanks for your help


The following command returned 1026 instead of 1000 samples. Any ideas why?

R1 := Sample(Normal(0, 1), 1000);



How can I plot the following function?

delta := t -> piecewise(t = 0, 1, 0)
Suspect that the point  at Y=1 automatically scales when zooming in.





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