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I'm trying to accent variables with both hats and checks (^ , v). I was able to get this to work using `#mover(mi("π"),mi("^"))`; but `#mover(mi("π"),mi("✓"))`; doesn't look very good. Is there a better alternative? 

Hi all,

I had to do a clean install on my computer today. When I went to reinstall Maple, I got a message telling me that my download link wasn't valid. So I tried to get a new download link, but that didn't work either. Does anyone know if I will still be able to download the software without purchasing the latest version? I'm pretty sure my license has not expired.

I'm going to call support tomorrow morning, but I figured I'd ask around here in the meantime. Thanks!

Is there away to quickly execute a specific section within Maple? I know that I can execute a selection, but that sometimes requires me to select several lines of Maple code and can be tedious and tiresome.

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