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   If you try to update Maple 12 to Maple 12.01 on a Macintosh with you will remark that "nothing happens".

   There is a permissions problem within the updater.

   To correct it, open a Terminal and type

chmod a+x /path/to/updater/directory/*



Hello. I have the MacIntel version of Maple 11 installed on a Macintosh Intel. When I start Maple and enter > 12345678901234567890; then Maple indicates "Evaluating" and the Memory and Time counters do not move. This goes on forever. When clicking the Stop icon, it becomes gray, but nothing else happens: "Evaluating" goes on and on. This only seems to happen when "Enable SMP support" is selected, and then happens every time. I have a MacBook Pro with an Intel Core Duo processor, so enabling SMP support seems sensible and should divide times by almost 2.
Hello. This is not a question, but an answer. I have just installed Maple 11 under Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn and I thought I would share my experience. 1) Log in to an account with sudo rights. 2) Insert the Maple 11 cd for Linux. When asked about what to do with it, mount it. 3) Open a terminal and write cd /cdrom sudo sh ./installMapleLinux32 4) Enter your password. 5) For the location of the installation, I entered /usr/local/maple11 instead of the default. 6) After the installation (and the activation) is complete, I created two symbolic links as follows: on the terminal, write
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