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I'm creating some graphs in another program that I want to then insert into the document side by side. However, since the plots are not created in Maple I'm not sure if I have the ability to position them side by side with the embed command. Any workarounds (other than creating the plots in maple)?

I'm doing a simple system of equations problem and for some reason fsolve doesn't give any answer. I know the system has a unique solution, it's actually pretty trivial to solve. This is what I have written:


sys = {1800*40+15*(300*30)-30*Biy = 0, -1800+Biy+Ciy-300*30 = 0};
      sys = {207000 - 30 Biy = 0, -10800 + Biy + Ciy = 0}
                       fsolve(sys, {Biy})

If I rewrite to manually solve one by one, like this:

fsolve(1800*40+15*(300*30)-30*Biy = 0);
fsolve((-1800)+6900+Ciy-300*30 = 0);

So obviously it can be solved. I want to know why it doesn't solve when put in the first way. By the way I know this is a really simple system, and obviously there is a way to work around this problem and get an answer. I'm asking because I want to understand better how solve works, and so I can avoid more difficult issues later.

I've looked up previous answers to this but __ double underscore only works in math input, and ctrl + shift + ^ or ctrl + shift + _ does not seem to work. I'm using Maple 18, windows computer.

I'm using a maple doc to do a homework assignment that is mostly text with only a few equations and math sections. I need to draw a table of material properties in, and when I create a table all the cells default to math inputs. Because of this if I try to evaluate the entire document I get tons of blue evaluation numbers in the table that I don't want, since all the mateial properties show up as math. I can set each cell to text one by one but there are like 30 cells and it's tedious. How do I set the entire table so that each cell is a text cell?

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