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Hi, I was trying to create a window selection button in a Maplet reading the values from two radio buttons with a procedure and use the procedure output inside a runwindow command, but it´s fail. Can anyone help me? Here is the code with 3 diferent options that I try. > restart; > with(Maplets[Elements]): > with(Maplets[Elements]): > selection:=proc(test1,test2) > global procout; > if (teste1='true')then > procout='W2' > elif (teste2='true') then > procout='W3' > end if; > print(procout) > end proc: > maplet := Maplet('onstartup' = 'A1', > Window['W1']('title' = "Window Selection Button", 'layout' = 'BL0'),
Hi, It´s possible to call a Maple library from a module or a procedure? I try to use the command with, but Maple don´t accept that. Thank´s João Paulo Laudares
Hi, I was having a problem to write a Maplet for model selection. My problem is that, the variables from Combobox are not received by the procedure that should make the model selection. I am trying to apply the function parse to transform the string from ComboBox and add it to the variable that will be send to procedure FORMULCAO. Here is the code: > with(Maplets[Elements]): > Cond:=module() > option package; > local maplet; > export Model; > global deptemp,N, NDOM, MODE; > use Maplets[Elements] in > maplet := Maplet([ > [ > "Time Dependence: ", > ComboBox['CoB1']("stationary", sort([
Hi, I was trying to plot a graph in Maplet using for this the output of a procedure. I don´t understand way the plotter element don´t show the procedure output. Can anyone help me? Thanks, João Laudares, Brazil Here is the code: > restart;with(linalg):with(stats[statplots]):with(plots):with(CurveFitting): > GSeidel:=proc(a, prec, nmax) > local n, xnew, i, j, k, m, erro, soma: > global xold,x,y,R2,R3,h,X,Y,vetor,xix,z,p,vetor_erro,vetor_iterada,R4,R5: > n:=rowdim(a): > xold:=vector(n,1): > xnew:=vector(n,1): > erro:=1: > vetor_erro:=vector(nmax); > vetor_erro:=0; > vetor_iterada:=vector(nmax);
I was using a procedure for linear systems solution (Gauss-Seidel) and in way to obtain information about the solution convergence I would like to obtain a graph during the procedure execution by Maple that may be ploted in a Maplet window. Does anyone have some suggestion on as I can make this? I am very grateful to anyone who may help.
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