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We still use MapleTA where we have begun using shared classes more.  Today I saw something which might have been visible before, but which I did not understand:


I want to set up a question where students first should do some calculation (p-values actually). Next step would be to see if this value is an element of intervals given by me. It seems reasonable to attempt constructing a multiple choice question, but there could be alternatives. In the case of a MC, the alternatives could be like the following:

1. <0.005

2. 0.005-0.01

3. 0.01-0.02

4. 0.02-0.025

5. 0.025-0.05

6. 0.05-0.10

7. 0.10-0.15

8. >0.15

Sorry to bother you all like this, but I am getting a bit frustrated here... I have been trying to set up a simple statistics question, or more precisely a regression question. Basically I want the students to compute the intercept (or the slope) in a dataset. The way I have tried to achieve this is so far along these lines: *Define pairs of variables: $x1=range(5,10);,...,$y1=range(5,10); *Use the Statistics package: $a=maple("with(Statistics):...)"); This is where I get stuck. How could I use the call to the Statistics package to get the intercept assigned to $a? Regards,
I am a fairly new Maple and Maple TA user, sitting with the preparations for next semester. One strange thing I have encountered is the Equation Editor behaviour. I have some questions with simple summations using Equation Editor to display the sigmas. In one question everything works fine, but in the next one, the input to Equations Editor is not recognized at all, even though it is the same kind of input. Right now I am sitting working on an old ibook running OSX 10.3.9 and Safari. Any explanations? Is it the OS? The web browser? Robert *********** Robert Lundqvist Dept of Mathematics
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