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These are questions asked by andy.zhou.nuaa

Dear All:

  I met an strange problem when using fsolve() function in maple. the following is my system equations, ILr0,Vcr0,M,T1 is the values i need to solved by maple . 

   ILr2+ILr0=0,Vcr0+Vcr2=0,ILr1=ILm1,Iout*RL=Vout   (1)  where


   ILr2--> ILr0*f1(T1)+Vcr0*f2(T1)+M*f3(T1);

   Vcr2--> ILr0*g1(T1)+Vcr0*g2(T1)+M*g3(T1);

   ILr1,ILm1-->  ILr0*h1(T1)+Vcr0*h2(T1)+M*h3(T1);

Dear All:

 I have a curve about mosfet  Coss Vs. Vds . the detail math relationship can be found in the following picture: 


 Can anyone fitting this picture by simple math function.

 PS: pls don't considering piecewise function 

Dear All :

  I have a ODE equation system like this:

eqns := 1.00011000*10^(-7)*(diff(v[gs](t), t))-1.000*10^(-12)*(diff(v[ds](t), t))+v[gs](t)+1.000*10^(-18)*(diff(v[gs](t), t, t))+5.00*10^(-19)*(diff(v[ds](t), t, t)) = 12, 2.900*10^(-18)*(diff(v[ds](t), t, t))+5.00*10^(-7)*(diff(v[gs](t), t))+6.00*10^(-19)*(diff(v[gs](t), t, t))+v[ds](t) = 24

ics := v[gs](0) = 3.5, v[ds](0) = `#msub(mi("V"),mo("in",fontweight = "bold"))`

Dear All:

  I have type such expression in maple 2D Input

L[out_inductor] := 8e-6;

The result shown as L[out_inductor] := 0.80e-5; but if i change the numeric formatting to scentific, the result style change as below: 8.00*10^(-6) , the variable name L[out_inductor] missed in 2D output , it still disppeared even i change numeric formatting to none.

so i want to need some help me, how can i let variable name L[out_inductor] show in 2D output when the numerric formatting is scentific.

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