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Mechanics of Materials toolbox for Maple: 10 (or bit more :)) free licences for Maple fans.

For students, engineers and simply creative fans of Maple.

If you are concerning mechanics of materials or structural mechanics, please feel free to

send Hardware ID code via e-mail: support@orlovsoft.com after downloading from


and installing MM Toolbox for Maple.

(Maple 32 bit only)

Thanks to Maplesoft for analytic power

Mechanics of Materials Toolbox Screencasts:


It would be good I hope to present symbolic-numeric CAE system for framed structures analysis.

It will be available soon as Preview version for enthusiasts

The main features are:

  • One calculation act - all analytical dependencies.
  • Fast designing process for structural systems in industry, consulting and design companies;
  • Fastest parametric analysis of construction. New quality of designing in optimization tasks,...

Would you Try it...


Current Trial Serial Number





Hello to All,

I am just in testing process of new version Mechanics of Materials 2.0 ToolBox.

Some of Maple pictures are so good that I decided to put here one from them.

What a great Maple...

Sorry for my some immodesty...



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