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When the Fourier transform to the heat equation for example it is useful to represent the Fourier transform of a derivative as the derivative of the transform.  Thus

        FT{d(U(x, t)/dt}  = d(FT{U(t))} / dt,

Where FT => Fourier transform wrt the variable x.

How do I get Maple to obtain the above.

Joe Salacuse

I am trying to illustrate the chain rule for multivariet functions




The Maple responce is D1(f)(u(x,y),v(x,y)*(partial of u(x,y) wrt x) +..etc


I would like to replace the D- notation with the standard notation for the "partial of f wrt u" for obvious reasons - this is what students are familar with. The convert cmnd Doe Not Work in this case.


Similarly the cmnd diff(u(x,y),v(x,y),x,x) gives rise to D1,D11, D12 symbols which I would likee to convert to standard partial notation.


All this is a BIG DEAL when trying to illstrate the chain rule in Cal III.


Joe Salacuse


Kettering University

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