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@Mariusz Iwaniuk pls have a look and required results

@Mariusz Iwaniuk that better idea can you please update the sheet that how could I generate the different graph in the same picture for different value of M=0.1----0.9 and for fix k=2 etc

@Mariusz Iwaniuk can you please give a little explanation that you did in the sheet and why you take rhs(sol)?

@Carl Love I have already solved this by using dsolve command now I am looking for the algorithm of FDM

@acer Thanks sir, it is working and your way of helping is always helpful for me. But i don't understand why you convert into EXP?

@vv sorry sir in the first file there was a mistake in expression. Still, at my pc, it is not giving result and not integrating, I do not know why?



@vv it is not working, can you please have a look on my try, pls have attached work


@Kitonum sir i already checked this link but could not succeed in my problem. i am sure that me doing in wrong way that is way i posted here for help.

@Kitonum thanks it is ok but can you please help me about the remaining questions pf my worksheet. There is other questions 2 and 3, pls help me to solve them

@Carl Love  i wrote thanks alot

@Carl Love sir, what about if we want to calculate n from 20 to 30? as you mention it started from 1 that is by default.

@Preben Alsholm thanks sir, I am interested in n from 1 to 11 ....is the above is the same thing?

@tomleslie sir I tried but was thinking maybe I am doing anything wrong

@Kitonum it is working accordingly thanks alot

@Kitonum Dear sir, i already find the solution by using fsolve and newton method but i am interested to find to by using Regula falsi method, pls correct me where is the problem, why it is not giving result. By the wan can you explain why you take derivative of the P?

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