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Associate Professor in Mathematics
I have more than a decade of teaching experience in Mathematics for various Undergraduate programs in reputed educational institutions in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. Currently working as Assistant Professor in Mathematics and as Managed Network expert for Chegg E-Learning services private limited, Kolkatta, INDIA, for two years for solution authoring and content creation in Mathematics.

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These are questions asked by ANANDMUNAGALA

Dear sir, I request to suggest the method for the following posted question.


How to find a rational function with give real roots 1,2,3  and oblique asymptote y=2-x?

  Dear sir, I request to provide the inequalities or constraints for the uploaded Linear Programing Problem to plot the graph and solve by simplex method.

Dear sir, I hereby request you to suggest an appropriate method to plot phase portrait sketches for the above cited subject

in 2D and 3D for the problem  



With thanks and regards.



Associate Profesoor in Mathematics.

Dear sir,


I request to provide the procedure to evaluate the following double integral in steps. Please find the enclosed attachment



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