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I'm a 3rd year Mathematical Physics student at the University of Waterloo and I'm excited to be helping out everyone in the Maple Adoption Student Center. I'll be posting worksheets that show you how you can use Maple 12 to solve a variety of problems. I'll be actively engaged in blogging back and forth with you!

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This is a unique, powerful and useful tool that will help students do decompositions of rational functions. See the attached worksheet. Also, you can view an interactive video tutorial that shows you how to use the Partial Fractions Finder: (Ctrl + click on link below) Video Tutorial: Partial Fractions Finder      
  See the interactive Level Curves and Cross Sections video tutorial: (Ctrl+click on link) Video Tutorial: Level Curves and Cross Sections   Alternatively, you can view a worksheet that provides a review and an example of level curves and cross sections.  
Hello there,   the attached worksheet gives several examples of how to create implicit plots without commands and with commands.  
The attached worksheet starts off with two quick videos that show you how to write square roots, fractions and exponents. Feel free to create and attach a worksheet with all of your questions and math expressions. I'll go thought it and help out !  
  Hi there !   The attached worksheet has exciting animations made entirely through equations that we are familiar with from high school. The worksheet has an animation of a bouncing ball. No longer do you need a $500 camera to take photos to illustrate the sequence of motion - because Maple has that feature built - in !   Feel free to ask questions or add your worksheets to further develop mathematical animations.
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