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Ajay is a research student working in the fields of ocean engineering, renewable offshore energy, and wave-structure interactions. Majoring in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, his interest mainly lies in the intersection of technology and theoretical engineering. Using tools such as Maple, Matlab, Python, Solidworks, Ansys, and AutoCAD, Ajay looks to harness powerful computational platforms to improve simulation accuracy and efficiency while better understanding the concepts that drive these tools.

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Thank you much for the update. Directly importing the built model and running it on MapleSim works perfectly. Looking forward to the dedicated component for expandable connectors in future updates of MapleSim. Have a great day!


Thank you for the heads up on the continuous signal block. I think it will work out if I perform convolution numerically. In that case, I'll simply discretize the signals, use the iterative numerical technique to perform convolution, and then convert the response back to a continuous signal.

I'd prefer to keep the delay to a minimum because of the intended application of the equation, so taking a look at the predictive control available in MapleSim/Maple sounds like a good idea.

The MapleSim components I am working with are not able to convert this equation to a Modelica code, but I am unable to figure out the errors thrown up by MapleSim. Perhaps I should add them to a new question thread and get help on understanding what the errors mean.

You've given me a lot of new ideas and brought up components I wasn't even aware of. Thank you for the help!

@C_R Thank you for the suggestion! I wasn't aware of the sampler component, so that's something I'm definitely going to try out and see if I can use my Modelica code to solve the convolution. Quick question, just as the sampler component discretizes a continuous function, is there a similar component in MapleSim to convert discrete samples to a continuous function? I couldn't find such a component, since I plan on converting my numerically solved convolution integral back into a continuous function to use duration simulations.

Regarding your question on simulation time, I would like to output the convolution value at each instant of simulation time. I already have one function (kernel) that I know in advance. It's the other function that poses a problem since it includes the unknown variable that I'm trying to solve. In the below equation (figure attached), the convolution term with limits from negative infinity to some time "t" has the kernel function (Kij) that I have at the start of the simulation, but the other function is what I am solving for, and so I'm not able to figure out how to get this done in Modelica's symbolic programming style.

Cummins equation to determine the motion of a floating body in waves

I appreciate your suggestion and I'll check how that goes. If you have any suggestions on solving this symbolically (instead of the numerical code I've written), I'd love to hear your ideas! Thank you!

The Modelica documentation that offers MapleSim support seems to have included a section on bus usage interfaces that include expandable connectors as an option. This is the link I'm referring to:

Modelica.Blocks.Examples.BusUsage_Utilities.Interfaces (maplesoft.com)

It appears that by using serial buses as an interface, expandable connectors can be implemented in MapleSim. Could anyone from MapleSoft comment on this addition to the documentation, please?

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