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I would like to know how to plot different series of data on the same graph.


Thanks in Advance

I am performing reliability analysis.  I have two types of data:

1.  Suspended data (data that has not failed)

2.  Failed data

I require to calcaulte how many ways the data can fail for example:

1. F1   Time = 10

2. S1  Time = 100

3. F2  Time = 200

4. S2  Time = 250

The number of combinations for this data is 3:

F1, S1, F2, S2

F1, F2, S1, S2

F1, F2, S2, S1

Hey Guys,

I am trying to plot a graph using the following code:

with(plots); restart;
a := sum(m^i*exp(-m)/factorial(i), i = 0 .. c);
l := [];
for c from 0 to 40 do
l := [op(l), a]
end do;
plotlist := [seq(plot(l[n], m = 0 .. 40), n = 1 .. nops(l))];

I would like to plot this fuction as a loglogplot.  Can anyone help me with this?


Thanks in Advance

Is there a way of exporting a maplet programme into a universal programme so anyone can access it (someone who does not run maple)?


Thanks in advance

I am trying to create a pointplot animation for a list can anyone tell me what is wrong with the following code:

L:=[[1],[3, 2],[3.4, 6], [5,3,7], [3,7,9,1], [2,6,8,4,5]]:

animate(PointPlot, [L[t]], t=1..5);

I am trying to animate a graph to show the progress between each suset from t = 1 to n.  I belive the problem has something to do with t not being an integer in the animate setting.


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