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@acer That does indeed seem to be exactly what I am looking for. I think launching it in a new GUI tab, or saving it to a file would be ideal, but by the GUI tab, am I right in thinking you're referring to this:

If so, launching it in a new GUI tab would be exactly what I had imagined from the start of the project.

I would love to hear about some of the functionality of this, if you mind :)

@acer Hey again, I've attached my Maple Worksheet to this reply, and I've tried to show what I want to accomplish, if you scroll down towards the bottom of the Worksheet.

The idea of my entire project is that you use one worksheet to visualize and guide the user through setting his variable and data points as he wishes, then the sheet provides the user with a number of plots, and basically visualization of his variables. This is just to make it easy to use for the user. Then when the user is satisfied with how it looks like, or has made sure he entered the correct values from his dataset, he can choose to press a button, and the worksheet will automatically update/create a section containing the steps that we normally go through to get our answers. Basically to eliminate all the typing, and in turn also making the process a whole lot quicker, easier and more interactive.

To further build ontop of this idea, I had a dream about making this (the automatically generated) section into a task, so the user could potentially with a click from a task palette paste his answers into another worksheet.



Just like a normal evaluation of an expression, I've tried to attach an image of what I mean.

Just like when you write "2+2" in any math field, you get the blue evaluation that says "4" right after.

Hope you understand what I mean.


Thank you so much for that beautiful and thorough answer! Really helped me along my way!

If you don't mind me asking again however, do you know a way to make the output (e.g "x:=3" in blue) come after the Expression component?

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