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Hey, I'm sitting with an extremely annoying problem. Basically, I want a "Mathematical Expression" component to include a definition of a variable, so I want it to say, for example, "h := 3", now, I can easily type this into the component field myself, and it all works great, but I want to manipulate the field with a button component. Every time I attempt it, it seems as if the ":=" symbol is protected, however I can write it myself without trouble.

I want to make the blue output my procedure spits out a another color, and align it to the right, is this even possible? Or something like it?

I basically want to make a Maple procedure that does certain calculations and writes the explanation for each calculation. I do however want Maple to write these explanations as a text field like in a normal Maple worksheet, instead of the blue output in the middle. Is this possible? Or is there any alternative ideas you have that I could try? Would really appreciate any kind of help, thanks.

I want to have a display() function that plots a certain expression that I already have defined, but then I also want to include a variable number of pointplots into the same graph. I basically want the user to define a set of x and y coordinates into two different arrays in the start of the Maple Worksheet, then later down the worksheet, I want to plot these x,y coordinates as a pointplot, for each point.

But for example, if there are 5 points, I would define the pointplots as p1,p2,p3,p4,p5, which I already have a loop to do automatically depending on however many points that has been defined in the previous arrays. But when I want to plot these in a display() function, I have to write display(p1,p2,p3,p4,p5) individually, and I can't therefore seem to find a way to make it like display(p1,...,pn). I want the display to add more pointplots depending on how many points are defined in the arrays.

Can anyone help me? Sorry if it was difficult to understand, I can explain further if you didn't understand.

Hey, I recently switched to Maple 2016, but now whenever I write equations in the text field it calculates it like if it was a math problem it had to solve, but I just want it to be text, nothing else.

Do you know of any way to turn this off? As in Maple 2015 I could write equations in the text field, and when I ran the worksheet through it wouldn't try to calculate text fields, but 2016 calculates the text fields and shows the solution as a blue text... So annoying.

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