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Hello all,

I'm familiar with using _ and ^ to enter subscripts and superscripts in document mode. However, the only way I know of moving out of those modes is to use the arrow keys. I was wondering if there was an alternative shortcut that wouldn't require me to move my hands from the home row?



Hello all,


I've been trying to add a legend to a graph in Maple 11 but have been having no luck. Here's what I tried:

plot({z, ff(z), fr(z)}, z = 0 .. 1, legend = {front, rear, ideal});

This gives me the following error:

Error, (in plot) the legend option cannot be used when plotting a set of objects


After looking in the help file I tried plotting this, which works:

plot([ff, fr], 0 .. 1, legend = [front, rear]);

Hello all, I have a function, a(r,zeta). For a particular range of values of zeta and r, I'd like to find out which value of zeta will give me the smallest maximum point on the function. I've used the Optimization:-Maximum function to give me the maximum point at a specific value of zeta, but after that I was changing zeta using trial an error to find the smallest maximum, and was wondering if I could get Maple to compute that for me. Thanks --Amr
Hello all! How can I get Maple 10 to output it's numbers using engineering notation (milli, micro, Mega, Giga, etc) instead of indices? Thanks --Amr
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