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@Athar Kharal dear @acer i m still waiting for some advice

@acer yes it is a 2d-input, document and with sections but no GUI Tables inputs. Still I am not clear about presence of code edit regions.

@Rouben Rostamian  yes, i am asking how i can obtain all user entered inputs of a maple doc, which is on disk and is not currently open in Maple.

@acer Yes you are very much right. kindly help. thanx

@acer I think you are right, ineed something like latex([(1),(2),(3)]). The list [(1),(2),(3)] should be constructed automattically. Of course convert() may be used but problems is to know the last number used as label.

My problem is to find a seemless LaTeX conversion of my problems solved through Clickable Math. I do not know if MathML may be converted into LaTeX. One program MathParser claimed this but did not produce any output.

@acer tahnks indeed. In fact i want to solve various problem exercises for my class lectures (in latex). I intend to apply latex() command to the list of labels, and put the LaTeX output into class lectures. waiting.

@sazroberson would you please give some example code how to this all? thanx

@Axel Vogt yes same I got and don't know what this [] is doing in the expression. How to tackle it? Moreover [] does not look like a student-solution!

sorry, I did try this but it did not work it ended into e^[] s etc. what is this [] here? my problem still there.



@Carl Love Yes they are lists and should be enclosed in []. I copied to show that the pattern keeps on repeating for indefinite time. The rules should exhibit this cyclic behaviour. Perhaps yes it also needed for sublists.


in fact i was looking for a solution using seq and /or map commands. Using for-loop makes it non-compact.

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