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Maple Tutors allow for copying of MathML but I need LaTeX of it. Any help please?

I want to retrieve all the commands input by user in a maple document saved on disk. How this can be done? DocumentTools:-Retrieve permits to receive only the labeled expressions but not the input commands.

hi, is there a way to change color of the page in Maple 18? in fact I am preparing my lectures using slideshow option and want to change the color instead of the default white.

I am facing a kind of strange problem. Whenever I enter Int(exp(-s t) t^2,t) and try to see full solution using Student[Calculus1]:-ShowSolution(), it gives empty square brackets [ ] as superscripts of e. If I restart Maple engine and perform the same, sometimes it produces right solution. Kindly help, what is this? Same integral does not give problem if done with parameter 'r' instead of 's'.

hi, is there a way to collect all commands in one place which have been used during a clickable math session of a document? in fact this would help in creating automated tasks.

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