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if a msg contains "r smallerthan 0" without a blank that the rest is cut off, while "r <><><>
The zipped code for "Pricing Arithmetic Average Asian Options" is missing sobol.h (to be used by the source ArithmeticAsian.cpp). Could someone please add that header file?
Can we have ... well, there will be a lot of requests :)

At the left and the right there are kind of 'overview' informations
while reading in a forum or a topic. At that time this is not
needed for orientation.

Might it be possible to have that available through a button
or list or whatever in the header so it is shown on user's
wish only?

That would give much more space for the things to read ... or write

Good idea to provide a moderated place ... @admin: The look is something i have to get used to it, find the following screen shots for Netscape 4.7, IE or Mozilla (i do use larger fonts on my PC), it looks a little bit strange, look here:
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