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There is a Mathematica package OrthogonalPolynomials by Milovanovic sketched in
( ~ 200 kb and 20 pages). Is anybody aware of something similar for Maple?

What is the (symbolic) equivalent in Maple for

   [ V  D ] = eig( A, B, 'chol' )

for given matrices A, B ?

I am looking for some lecture notes covering 'the' 'elementary' properties of the Laplace transform, preferable (but not already written) using Maple for the proofs. What I would like to see is L(f, s) = Int(f(t)*exp(-t*s),t = 0 .. infinity) where s may be _complex_ and is not assumed to be real.
Is it just me, where the search functionality of Acrobat does not work in that pdf (it does for the Intro and the User Guide)? Mist! For example searching for 'can' only returns 1 hit: Canada on page 2. For M10 there is not problem to search for like 'float[8]'.
Is there a way to choose the colours? If using it with 'implicitplot' on something like y - x it gives brute red and yellow ...
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