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I am trying to take the inverse fourier transform of a dsolve/numeric in Maple 15 and I'm wondering if there is a way to do something similar to the fftshif in Matlab.

Here is the sheet so far, the fft's happen at the very bottom.  (any advice on the flow/syntax of the sheet is welcome too)






I'm currently trying to solve a set of ODE's using dsolve/numeric and I'm unsure about the result I'm getting.  Some help with the worksheet and general help with the solution method would be appreciated.


Here are the equations:

 diff(b1(t), t) = I*u1(t)

I'm attempting to solve a big set of diff eqs.  I've heard maple has trouble with complex differential equations so I've broken them up into the real and imaginary parts.

The equations are as follows:

 eq1 := diff(RBx(x, t), t) = -x*IBx(x, t)-IUx(x, t)
eq2 := diff(IBx(x, t), t) = x*RBx(x, t)+RUx(x, t)
eq3 := diff(RBy(x, t), t) = -x*IBy(x, t)-IUy(x, t)-3*RBx(x, t)/(2*omega)
eq4 := diff(IBy(x, t), t) = x*RBy(x, t)+RUy(x, t)-3*IBx(x, t)/(2*omega)

I have a set of equations which I need to solve.  I have them in LaTex format (can anyone tell me how to post them here in a better format?) they are:

(\partial_t - i x) \textbf{b} = -\frac{3}{2 \bar{\omega}_A} b_x \hat{y} + i \textbf{u}

(\partial_t - i x) \textbf{u} = \frac{2}{\bar{\omega}_A} u_y \hat{x} - \frac{1}{2 \bar{\omega}_A} u_x \hat{y} - \frac{3}{2 \bar{\omega}_A} \partial_x Q \hat{x} - i Q \hat{y} - i \frac{1}{\kappa} Q \hat{z} + i \textbf{b}

\frac{3}{2} \partial_x u_x + i \bar{\omega}_A u_y + \frac{i \bar{\omega}_A}{\kappa} u_z = 0

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