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Hi there,


I'm currently trying to work with combinations where I need to be able to retrieve a list of possible combinations, although i do not actually need to see the output but use it for a later part of programming.

Unfortunately, I get an error message such as the one in the title of this question. 

It seems to me that maple is unable to allocate enough memory to evaluate the problem. I'm not familiar with any way to refine the programming.

are there any possible workarounds for this issue?



Hi, I hope this question is allowed

I wish to become well learned in maple but I find all the time, when I come across a new problem, the maple help function only takes me so far. In this community are some really helpful and bright characters which I would like to match in knowledge.

Is it possible to 'know it all' in the maple universe, or are there certain areas you're well versed in over others? 

what are some of the ways you have learned to use maple effectively?


kind regards, Ben


I will start off with the programming already accomplished. The first part of programming was salvaged from mathexchange whereby I am able to perform combinations with repititions.


local duplicated:=[seq(op(n),i=1..k)]:
return combinat:-choose(duplicated,m):
end proc:
[[b, b, b, b], [b, b, b, g], [b, b, b, w], [b, b, g, g], [b, b, g, w], [b, b, w, w], [b, g, g, g], [b, g, g, w], [b, g, w, w], [b, w, w, w], [g, g, g, g], [g, g, g, w], [g, g, w, w], [g, w, w, w], [w, w, w, w]]


the next step I'm hoping to accomplish is to receive a list giving me a count of each value from each set of combinations. For example, in the first set i have 4 counts of black (b), 0 counts of white (w) and 0 counts of grey (g).  the second set tells me i have 3 counts of b, 0 counts of w and 1 count of g, etc.

the purpose of this is to apply a formula to each set of values.


im looking to see if there is a way to read in RGB values of the pixels in images and put those values into matrices.

any help or suggestions are appreciated.


I'm working on a procedure involving conic equations such as follows... 


and I have a file filled with values in order of the variables I want them assigned to.

e.g 2,-6,3,0,0

I'm only looking for the specific command I need for maple to link the two.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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