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@Carl Love 

The specific reason I posted was to learn how I can use Maple to solve the kind of problem shown below, except with variables for the minimum and maximum values of the Uniform Distribution. Mathematica handles this problem, outputting a formula.

@Carl Love 

First, it was not my intention to stir conflict and I very much appreciate that people take time to help me.

From what I gathered reading the posts so far and from trying the code provided:

* Maple's "Probability" is problematic. How problematic? Is it "avoid at all cost" problematic, or "use with caution" problematic?

* The code provided requires two inequalities, as exemplified by the snippet below. But what if I was interested in, for example the expected outcome of a sum of two random variables, given that the two random variables were greater than some specified value? (This kind of problem is what got me to write in the first place). Does the bug with Probability actually rule out me using Maple for my task?

Conditioned({2*X+4*Y <= 1}, {4*X+2*Y <= 1}, {X = Uniform(0, 1), Y = Uniform(0, 1)})

@Markiyan Hirnyk 
That was probaby my fault. I gave an example where "Conditioned" only involved one random variable. But Mathematicas "Conditioned" handles multiple random variables. For example:


@ThU My apologies, I am a newbie. I have now posted the formulas that I used to create the images.



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