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Is it possible to disable/out comment lines in a maple sheet in a similar way to ctrl + r in Matlab?

Thanks in advance

regards Brian


I have a big maple sheet on 1000+ lines writing in 2D math in maple 16 that does som calculations on data sets. The sheet can do calculations on 1 data set at the time so I would like to reuse this sheet i a loop. So far I have not found a solution to get a do loop to work over several lines/inputs in a way similar to:

> for i from 1 to 10 do
> exp1
> exp2 
> exp1000+
> od:
Does anyone know how this can be done? 


I have a problem with the fact that maple not always knows the difference between pi and -pi. Try for example these three lines:

> evalf((-5-2*I)*(exp(-(.999999999*I)*Pi))^(1/2-0.8e-1*I)); 

> evalf((-5-2*I)*(exp(-I*Pi))^(1/2-0.8e-1*I));

> evalf((-5-2*I)*(exp(I*Pi))^(1/2-0.8e-1*I));

They have significantly different results where the line with the exp( - I*Pi) is interpreted as exp(I*Pi).

Is there anyway to avoid this?

I use maple 13

Thanks in advance

Best regards

<p>Hi </p>
<p>I have some funtio<img alt="" src="file:///C:/Users/BrianBak/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-5.png" />ns that a generate using maple. I would like to be able to set an variable equal to the right side of these functions in matlab. I have saved the funktion in the following way. </p>
<p><img alt="" src="file:///C:/Users/BrianBak/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-6.png" /><img alt="" src="file:///C:/Users/BrianBak/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-7.png" /><maple>with(CodeGeneration)</maple><br />
<maple>Matlab(x^2+y^3, output = "file.txt")</maple></p>


Does anyone know how to export surface plot with multible surfaces to a file format that can be easily plotted using matlab?

Thanks in advance

Regards Brian

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