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@vv I like this. Consise and illuminating

@acer Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

@vv Hi. Thanks for your answer. I think you know Maple pretty well, and you might be willing to give additional help. 

The output from the singular command, is something like {z=p1}, {z=p2}, ... (are these sets ?).
How can I extract the actual values to put them into the residue command directly (without using the add function)  
If I do

p := [singular(f(z), z)]   // get something like [{z=p1}, {z=p2}] 
residue(f(z), p[1])        // invalid input, 2nd argument should be name=value

then it fails. How can I extract the expressions from the curly-braces. E.g.

expr := "somecommand"(p[1])      // I want p1 to be the expression 'z = p1'

@acer thanks. I thought I tried first using lists for both the functions and colors, but apparently I did not because now it works fine, specifying both as lists

@Thomas Richard I tried, but I have not yet obtained a reputation high enough...

@Thomas Richard  Great. Thanks. This is my first time on this site. Do we accept answers similarly as the stackexchange sites ?

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