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Is there a way that I can plot this in Maple?

The question is:

Shade the region of the complex plane for which  (I*z-1)/(z-I)  is real.

This is real when x2 + y2 = 1 and (x,y) ≠ (0,1). How can I plot both of these things on one plot in Maple?


If a student enters/chooses an incorrect answer, can negative marks be given?

Carrie Howells, Instructional Support Coordinator
Mathematics Faculty Computing Facility
University of Waterloo
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I'm playing around with the embedded components, mostly buttons, sliders, labels, and plots.

Is it possible to include special characters such as omega or pi or beta on the label, or as the text on a button, or in the legend name of a plot? If so, how?



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