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@Carl Love 

Thank you again.

I started working on it with my Pen-paper and MAPLE. Hopefully I ll solve it soon.


@Carl Love 

Thanks a lot sir! I got it!

I will appreciate your help if you can guide me in handling the double integral at the time of applying EnlarLagrange() command.

Here is Pdf of my Lagrange function!

I want to apply EularLagrange with respect to all three generalized coordinates namely u,v and w to get three equations of motion!!

Thank you in advance! 



@Carl Love 

    If diff(theta(t),t) is replaced by theta_prime(t) in the equation, the individual EluarLagrange(L3,t,theta(t)) givs zero answer.

    It should be m*r^2*diff(theta(t).t).

    Why is it so?

Please find the attached maple file.

Thank you for help!

@Carl Love 

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