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Hi guys,

       I have the following Lagrange function. 

       (Note :w is the generalized co-cordinate.) 


       L := (diff(w(r, t), t, r))*v(r, t)


       ( I know

        If L =diff(w(t),t)*v(t)..... I can write EulerLagrange(L,t,w(t) but I dont know how to handle above function)


        Thanks in advance!!!


     I want to know what K1 and K2 means in the answer after using Euler Lagrange command.

     Thanks in advance.


Hi guys, 

       After my calculations, I got the Lagrange function having three gereralized co-ordinates namely u,v and w. Hence, according to theory it should give three equations of motion. 

      I have trouble finding equations of motion from following Lagrange function(L = T -U), Can anyone guide me with this?

      Moreover, kinetic energy and strain energy equations are in the form of double integral!! 

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