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@tomleslie Thank you!

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you a lot!

@Rouben Rostamian  I understood how this program works.
I have one question. As I understand it, the starting points of P, Q need to be set manually. Is it possible to automate this? Enter geodesic type and starting point. Thanks.

I need it very "smooth" like this:

@Rouben Rostamian  And what about animation?

@Rouben Rostamian  Thanks, I look forward to.

For now i try to draw geodesic at octahedron. It have 6 vertices, instead 4 at tetra. Is exist "smarter" way than add 8 IFs, for every face and in every of this IFs use another IF we have already(Thanks to Ruben)?

@vv Sorry, i`m new here. Delete this questions if you can. Thanks

@Rouben Rostamian  Hello. How you do animation? Thats very cool! And one more question: how to modify the program so that it can do geodesics on the cube, octahedron and icosahedron? Thank you!
Update: and what do "T := V+W-U' ? It never used. Deleting this does not affect at programm.

@Rouben Rostamian  O my god. Thank you. Thats awesome!

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