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Hello. Found on this forum a program that rolls a cube. Is it possible to supplement the program with notation for vertices (A,B,C,D,A',B',C',D') and so that they move with the cube? Thanks!


Hello everybody! I want to build closed geodesic on a cube. I know how to determine the next face, but I do not know how to determine which edge and in what proportion the geodesic will cross.

Here is NET for geodesic on cube. Geodesic type (3,9). Yes, 3 and 9 is not relative prime, but geodesic (1,3) not closed. 

Or did I choose the wrong way to solve the problem? Help pls. Thanks.

Hello. How to connect 2 point of segment with animation? I know only one way to do this. We need connect P and Q. We need to create intermediate points like:

for i from 1 to 100

It seems to me that this option consumes a lot of resources.

Is there another way to do this with the Maple?

Sorry for bad english.
Hello. I can not realize such a thing. There is an equal tetrahedron NET on the plane. Choose a point on the edge and start a vector from it (the sum of red vectors with some integer coefficients). We obtain a closed geodesic. Depending on the coefficients, the geodesic will intersect the edges and faces in a different sequence. How to unNET into tetrahedron and so that the geodesic is displayed on it? Thank you in advance.

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