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int((4*x-3)^3, dx) Tried to use Maple straight away to integrate the above. As it turned ou the answer was wrong.Does this mean that I have to solve it by way of substition Curious
How do I, with Maple, differentiate the following y = (x- 1)^2/x Curious
Hi I wish to thank all those who generously helped me with my last prob. Now I have another. These are mainly related to the use of Maple with the application in question. How do I use Maple to differentiate the following: A=pi.r^2. I am not doing homework. I can do it without MAPLE. However I want to master Maple. Never used it before. The answer I get with Maple is different to the one I get myself: 2pi.r Curious Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the File Manager
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