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So I have two issues currently. One is involved with units, and the other is involved in this preculiar issue I have with a solve.

The units issue is probably pretty simple. I tried converting the units to the more readable prefix unit (ex: nanofarads instead of farads). The conversion worked, as in the number changed, but the unit in the output didn't. How do I fix that?

The second issue is that I have a solve execution like above to solve for some resistor values. The problem is, for some reason, it's not actually giving me an output. I have no idea why, what am I doing wrong?


Hi, so I'm trying to solve this equation, but it seems that I've ran into two issues with it:

My problems with this this is such:

  • The pi^2 did not get integrated into the solution, it's just a pi^2. I would rather it not be like that, but the actual resulting number from that division
  • The units should result in Ω, but it's not, instead it just added the units from the original variables. How do I make it set to the "correct" unit?



I just started to try out maple, as I'm testing out some software. So far it's been fairly easy to work in. I have ran into this interesting solution however

The issue I'm having is that the solution should not be... whatever that is. It should result in, off the top of my head, 2 or 4 numbers, and I'm only interested in one of them. None of the above is the answer to my question however. I don't know exacty what I'm supposed to do to get to that point. looking up the "RootOf" part on the support page didn't really explain it all that well.

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