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These are questions asked by DanFromDK

When I'm doing math more complicated, than in the first line, Maple gives the incorrect type of unit.
I want the unit as displayed in the first line, but by using the math/syntax shown in the last line.

Maple does not have "Joule per kilogram times kelvin", as a choosable option when I do the syntax in the last line. 

Is there any way I can end up with the correct unit, even tho I am using syntaxes?
In theory, I should end up with the same answer as a result?.

Is it possible to make executed math aka 2D Outputs, automatically align left?
I'm doing it manually for every execution I make. But is there any setting, that does orient the text to the left by standard?

Hi forum

I got a problem:

When i use these lines:

implicitplot(y = a*x + b, x = -10 .. 10, y = -10 .. 10, axis = [gridlines = [10, color = blue]]);

The vertical axis dosent stretches as far as i want it to.

The 'Axis Gridlines Properties' match the plot.

But the 'Axis Properties' dosent:

I can change the 'range' manually, by checking off the 'use data extend' box.
- But i need to use these plotting commands, very often.
Is it possible to write something in the plot-function, so i dosent need to do these corrections manually, every time i plot something?

Thank you in advance

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