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Hello to everyone

Pls help,urgent....

I need to draw the deformation of one story building (for simplicity, 4 columns and 2 floors) whose columns and floors  under influence of external load acting to the left of the building at its intersection point undergo the deform shape like S . So means that when the building moves to the right its intersection point of column and floor has some small rotation.

I am new to Maple environment...

Can someone tell me how Maple coding written in worksheet mode can be fully transferred into a Word document taking all maple's commands, alignments and any section's arrows as they apper in worksheet mode? 

I found that after using "Export as" (tried everthing there), my worksheet appers to be abrupt, alignment of certain codings changed and all the arrows of sections removed.

Please tell me how to deal with this issue, I need to transfer my maple coding...

neeeeed help
Can someone help me to figure out what's wrong with my polygon's point representation inside my attachmed program? I  am not so much experieced with maple,actually I am a beginner, so can't see the fault in coding...

I'd really appreciate one's help,thx 


Maple experts, please help...

I am facing hard time with ODE functions...:(
I would like to know if there is any command or algorith that could actually clear the solution of "dsolve" command,what I mean... let's say I have ODE function of one indeterminate "y(t)" and its general solution is obtained from dsolve command by setting certain initial conditions. Now, I need to remove that general solution from the system memory so as on next call of ODE function the "y(t...

How can several expression statements be not displayed during and after an execution process of "then"conditional statement (I mean "If.....then...")?
For example:

if .... then

end if;

each expression above can consist of various commands in its body.All my exp statements were finished by ":"
but, they...

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