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1968: BSME - Univ of Missouri - Rolla (now MS&T) 1970: MSAE - University of Missouri - Rolla 1974: PhD - University of Missouri - Rolla 1974-1987: E. I. Dupont de Nemours, Savannah River Laboratory, Aiken, SC; various tech and mgr positions 1987-1990: Chief Scientist, The Marquard Co, Van Nuys, CA - NASP program 1988-1995: Co-founder and CEO, Advanced Projects Research, Inc., Moorpark, CA 1988-1992: Professor of Mech. Engr., California State University Northridge 1992-present: Professor of Mechanical Engineering, UNLV; 1996-2002 Chair; 2002-2003 Dean 1996-present: Director, Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods 2004: ASME Confressional Fellow, senior legislative fellow - US Senator Dianne Feinstein 2001-2016: Co-founder and EVP, Nevada Energy and Environmental Systems 2011-2013: Distinguished Visiting Professor, EM Dept., US Air Force Academy, CO ~ 350 publications consisting of referred journals, conferences, textbooks, and reports

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