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I am a professor in the Department of Chemistry and the James Franck Institute at The University of Chicago. I am also the founder and principal scientific adviser at RDMChem LLC.

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Can the display of an object o in Maple, i.e.
> o;
                                                      display of the object
be controlled in a standard Maple worksheet, e.g. with Typesetting or something similar?

Hi ---

      I know how to add the Angstrom symbol to a plot's axis label using my mouse and the palette menu.  How can I add the Angstroms symbol programmatically to the plot command?  Thanks!


Hi Everyone,


    I just upgraded a Linux 64-bit computer from Maple 17 to Maple 18.01.  Code that worked on Maple 17 no longer works on Maple 18.01.  The code uses BLAS matrix operations in in the LinearAlgebra package.  When the first such operation is called, I obtain the following fatal error:


MKL FATAL ERROR on loading the function mkl_blas_avx_xdcopy.

Maple 18.01 is unable to load any of the MKL routines even though the MKL shared libraries are in the Linux bin directory.  If I load my own MKL library (provided by Intel), Maple 18 will run these operatrions, but they ultimately lose precision which causes the program (which works fine in 17) to crash.  Any ideas about how to activate the version of MKL provided by Maple?  Will this version not loose floating-point precision?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes.


University of Chicago



Hi -


    It is often useful useful to generate two procedures --- one to evaluate a function and one to evaluate its gradient.  The procedure codegen[GRADIENT] does not treat functions of array variables.  Why doesn't GRADIENT support array variables?  Would it be possible to replace the array variables by variables, apply GRADIENT, and then replace the array variables by variables again?


Best wishes,



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