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@ThU Nope, it's not working either. Maple TA is evaluating the student's response. thanks though.

@Kitonum Thank you. This actually at least do not mark the student's answer wrong but the correct answer is shown as 1/3 instead of the integral when previewed.

@acer   Thank you! just tried and it worked on the algorithm side, it returns the integral non evaluated but still marked incorrect on the student response. I suspect MAPLE TA evaluates the student response? 

@Carl Love  Well, I am new to Maple and Maple TA so I thought Maple would recognise sY(s) as a product as it accepted an expression like xy when I set the response area to the mathematical formula mode in Maple Ta. It got me confused a little bit, that's why :). I see now that * is a must in Maple syntax.


Your solution works but the students now need to put a multiplication sign s*Y(s) instead of sY(s). They are marked wrong if they ommit *.


Thank you for taking time to answer my question, however none of the above suggested solutions worked.

My thinking is that in MAPLE TA, the Y(s) is interpreted as Y*s instead of the function laplace(y(t),t,s) in the algorithm.

I changed it to laplace(y(t),t,s) and did not use the alias Y(s) but still marks it wrong.


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