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I am asking the students to write down the integral  (1/3)*int(10*cos(2*Pi*t/3),t=-1..1) without calculating it.  Both Maple TA in student answer, and Maple in my algorithm evaluate the integral. I just want the formula to be displayed not evaluated. How can I do that.  Thanks in advance.

Hello, I am new to MAPLE TA so I hope my question makes sense:

I am asking the students to compute the Laplace transform of a differential Equation and wirte the answer which is an equation in the respose area. I use the following algorithm to generate the answer:

ode:=diff(y(t), t) -3*y(t) = 2*exp(t);
ans:=laplace(ode, t, s);
alias( Y(s)= laplace( y(t), t, s ) );



Here is the output of the algorthim: ans   s*Y(s)-2-3*Y(s) = 2/(s-1)

The students are supposed to enter s*Y(s)-2-3*Y(s) = 2/(s-1) in the response area using symbolic entry. I tried both Maple graded Maple syntax and Mathematical formula for the response area. It always marks the answer wrong when previewed.

I can't figure out the issue here.


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