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Is there a reverse of:

I hope I've got the terminology right...

I've got a set of functions that I want to display in a maplet table. The tables shows up fine, except all the functions are written like:


What I'd like is them to be shown like:


I've tried playing with MathMLViewer, but that doesn't seem to work.



After having Maple solve a large system of equations, I'd like to convert the resultset into functions programmatically.


Something along these lines:

for p in resultset do functionname=lhs(p); functionname=unapply(p); od;


This of course doesn't work, this assigns the function to 'll'. I tried something like this as well:

for p in resultset do functionname=lhs(p); subs(FN=functionname, FN=unapply(p)); od;

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